Sunday, September 7, 2014

Labels, Labels, Labels {and a giveaway}

Those that knew me in elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college may be surprised to find out how organized I have become.  Seriously, I was the kid with the pile of papers in their book bag and an empty binder.  And it drove me crazy!  
One think that I have learned about myself as I have "grown up" is that since I am not naturally organized, I have to work for it, but I thrive when I am organized.  So I really have to invest in the time and tools to keep my life organized!  Thus my obsession with labels.  In our last three homes our kitchen and bathroom were both labeled with where things went, so their was not any question!
All that being said, a while back kidecals got in touch with me about doing a review of their waterproof labels, and {considering my love for labels} I was super pumped.  With BD in mother's day out last year, sadly I was the mom that NEVER labeled her things.  I mean, I tried with our normal label maker but they just fell off in the wash.  
The kidecals labels are great… here are the ones I chose (with BD's name and our number course)…
We put them on everything…
sippy cups
Bd's Bunny
dipper bag
Pete the Cat

BD all ready for school! :)

EVERYTHING, and nothing has gotten lost!  A month in, they look awesome and are doing their job.  
My favorite part?  They were so easy and I have them ready to go when I want to label something else!

I want to let y'all in on how awesome they are by 

1. Sharing a $29 giveaway (winner can get anything their heart desires)
2.  Sharing a discount code for 15% off any order!  Just enter 
at check out.

Before you enter I want to share a couple more of my favorites from their site.
mustache labels… enough said - keyboard stickers - allergy stickers - 
left/right stickers - diy labels - chalkboard labels
and more :)

So enter away my friends… they are totally awesome :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway
***I received free labels for my honest review.  All opinions are my own :)***


  1. OMG! The labels are awesome. Anything that helps with organization is good in my book. I am loving the keyboard labels though. No reason I need them, but they are so fun. :)

  2. They are never really a "necessity" right? But they have so many good ones that could organize around the house- you can never have too many labels IMO :)

  3. I love the your team that you can choose your school or team colors

  4. Adorable! My daughter is gluten free and I love the idea of the gluten free sticker. So often I have to keep our food separate and this would be perfect for us!

    1. I know, the allergy and food stickers are such a great idea!

  5. I'd definitely choose the monogram stickers!! There are so many fun options :)

  6. I love labels!! I will have a hard time choosing :)