Friday, August 21, 2015

Life Lately...


Jameson is already over a month old!  How did this already happen???


I have been wanting to write this post for a while… choosing to embrace the teachable twos instead of the terrible twos!


Speaking of number two… there is this…


Anybody hate power bills in the summer?  We life in the humid heat of Georgia and when we go outside we are practically swimming through the air.  The past couple of days the high has *only* been  in the low 90s (you know it is bad when you think the low 90s is cool).  Being pregnant in June and July… I just COULD NOT keep the air at 78… I was dying and swelling and we sure paid for it.  Now I have been watching our power profile everyday and have sign up for someone to come out and check out how we can save more energy.We have only been in our house for a few months so we can't do budget billing yet, but we may go there.  Other suggestions for saving energy????  We had the power guy come out and he actually said we were doing well and our bill was normal:(


Last week I mentioned how much God was teaching me through Proverbs 31:10-31
This week I was brought to this post about being an industrious woman and it was really encouraging.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teachable Twos….

You have heard it, I have heard it… the dreaded "Terrible Twos."  
As we neared the two year mark with BD, I heard it from everyone.  
*"Just brace your self."
*"Oh, she's almost 2?  Just wait…"
*"Don't worry you can get through these years..." (Just a side note: this is the one that kills me the most… I don't want to just get through these years, I want to enjoy them and embrace them, just like with every stage with our kiddos)

Now I should start by saying this.  BD is not even 2 1/2 yet, so I don't claim to have all the answers or even have it together.  I also want to assure you that this is not about things being easy… because BD is all about getting what she wants and we are learning how to handle that.  What it is about is a perspective change.  

*If there is one thing I have come to know and love about two year olds… they are little sponges.  Everyday they know more words, form more complex sentences, run faster and problem solve better than the day before.  
*If there is a second thing about two year olds that I have learned is that, just like the rest of the human race, they are painfully selfish…. a tragic condition we all inherited in the Garden of Eden, right?  
*Third thing? They do not have the same emotional capacity that adults do…. aka when things do not go their way, they are still learning how to handle it.  We as adults *mostly* know that tantrums don't work and can keep our emotions at least a little in check (though I can admit that I still have my moments).  Two year olds have not mastered that skill.

So it comes down to a perspective change.  
When my two year old does something crazy, am I going to view this as a terrible time or a teachable time?  Remember they are sponges so the ways we react and the perspective we take matters!  

That being said, I know{from experience} this is easier said than done.  But we are striving to keep this perspective.  We as parents have lost our cool, but continue to come back to the great gift God has given us in raising up a child (actually two children now :)).  We are trying to pray and work and TEACH as God has called us :)

Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

So I remind myself each day and in the moments it is hard… to embrace the teachable twos… they are years we will never get back again!

What are your experiences or thoughts on raising toddlers?


Sunday, August 16, 2015

JL 1 Month...

Jameson Luke 1 Month...

Monthly Milestones... 

*First Night Home- 7/16/15

*First Sponge Bath- 7/18/25

*Umbilical Cord Fell Off- 8/2/15

*Started smiling- probably mostly gas but it is starting to seem social.  He also is starting to to coo and such :)

*First "Real" Bath- 4/3/15

Favorite Things... 

*You love to be held

*You love baths

*Baby carrier 

*You love tummy time on mommy or daddy's chest and even on the floor for a few minutes (I think as soon as you can really keep your head up you will love it!

*You love love love laying on your playmat and looking around.

*You love being rocked.

*You LOVELOVELOVE being swaddled. (Think this is because we was so big and there was so little room when he was still on the inside).

*Being read to by your sister

Least Favorite Things...


*Riding in the car 


You were born at 10 pounds 8 ounces, left the hospital at 10 pounds even, first doctor's visit 11 pounds 9 ounces, not sure sure where you are at right now but got on the scale with you this morning and it said 14 pounds… but that seems a little big, don't know if I believe it!


You were born at 22 inch, first doctor's visit 23 inches, and I pulled out the tape measure this morning… thinking you are around 24 inches!!!

Clothing Size... 

Mostly 3 month clothes, but they are getting awfully tight!  I know now that when you have a baby in the summer… everything is nautical… I think we have 5 rompers with whales on them.  We are trying to squeeze into them size wise and seasonally before fall comes.

Sleep Patterns... 

*Right now* you sleep great as long as you are swaddled.  You usually give us two stretches at night that are at least 4 hours and have given us up to a seven hour stretch (I share this knowing, from experience, that it can change anytime).  You also give *Usually* give us one really long stretch during the day.

Eating Patterns... 

You like eating, but not like BD did.  You eat and get it done and then either want to be swaddled and rocked or awake!  

Outings and Celebrations... 

Just like we usually do… we were out and about pretty quick!  

*We went out to eat and shopping multiple times

*We went to the zoo… you slept the whole time.

*Lots of friend and family visits!
*You have been to church, small group, college and 20s group… really everywhere we normally go!

*We also had your newborn pics taken :)  You can check them out here and there are a few below! :)

*Grunt Man- I think all newborns grunt!
*Big man, little man and the such.

Things others have said about you... 

* "He is so big... He doesn't even look like a newborn." (They said this about BD too)
*"So much hair!"(They said this about BD too)
*"He holds up his head so much."
*"His eyes are open so much."

Things we have noticed about you...

*You love being swaddled and rocked and only nurse to sleep at night.  The rest of the time you need to be swaddled and rocked.

*You are mostly chill and really like to take everything in.  You are all about being awake and aware during the day.

*You have some awesome facial expressions!

For Jameson Luke...

At one month… BD-left, Jameson- Right
This month has been so fast, but at the same time it feels like you have been here forever.  It is fun to see how you are your own little person… already very different than your sister, but the spitting image of your father.  

There has been joy multiplied and another learning curve as we get to know you.  We pray for you each day!  That you will know the Lord Jesus Christ and share Him with the world!!!

And… all the other pics :) 


Catching up…