Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday :)


Y'all… it is happening, this house buying process!  We are under contract, had a home inspection that went really well and had an estimate done for a little work we would like to have done!  We are supposed to close February 5th!  


Speaking of our new home… have you check rout Our Home Journey yet?  
Just the story of our 6 homes in 6 years.
Dwelling One
Dwelling Two


We have barely bought BD any new clothes over the past two years… just consignments and gifts really.   I have had a lot of fun dressing her on a small budget.  This past week I did indulge in my greatest splurge of new clothes, but they were the best deal ever and we are officially stocked for summer.  Matilda Jane is having their Good Luck Trunk sale and I got the best deals on the cutest things.  When we opened the package BD insisted on opening each item, trying it on and spinning around.  She already has such fashion sense! :)


We are 16 weeks going on 17 weeks…


This weekend Andrew gets ordained!!!!  We have been on such a journey and God has taught us so much… and we are exited to see what this new chapter brings:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Our Home Journey… Dwelling Two

Catch Up

Just a little journey through our 6 homes in 6 years! :)

Intro and Dwelling One

Now it is time to tell you about...

Dwelling Two

The Married on Campus Housing
(aka married dorm)

Six months into our marriage I came home one day and Andrew said, "I think that I am called to go into ministry, that we need to move somewhere so I can go to seminary."  This was not the plan when we got married, but to be totally honest, I was not surprised.  I even asked Andrew before we got married if he was sure he was not called into vocational ministry.  But even with my early suspicions, it was a HUGE transition.  I had already signed a contract to teach another year in Georgia, so after some prayer we decided we would remain in Georgia another year, Andrew would take online classes while working and we would move the next summer to… New Orleans.

The most ironic part of moving to New Orleans is that we both said that we would NEVER live there… funny how when you say those things they tend to happen.  Anyways… we moved one hot July day (why have almost all of our moves happened during the summer?) to the campus of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  We moved into the married family housing… aka dorms for married people.  We went from a 1100 square foot town home to a 500 square foot dorm.  Size was not the only shocker, upon our arrival we were greeted with the most sterile uninviting white walls and linoleum floors.  Seriously, I wish I had a before picture, because it was overwhelming.  I know several girls that have cried upon moving in and I don't think Andrew's parent actually wanted to leave us there. 
An after decorating shot… even the most uninviting places can become an inviting home with a little bit of effort.
The apartment had two small rooms… a living room/dining room/ kitchen and a bedroom… and one seriously old bathroom. The living room just barely fit our gigantic sofas we bought previously, but they worked well because they maximized the seating in our little apartment.  This may sound crazy, but I remember a few football games that we fit 15-20 people in this tiny space.

Our small kitchen in all its glory!
Officially, the kitchen had less than a foot of counter space, no drawer big enough for silverware and no place to put pots and pans… so we just had to improvise.  Luckily when we were moving in there was another family moving out that had built a "counter" where the fridge went and we used that and pulled the fridge out and put it against the wall.  We add red a curtain to the new "counter" and stored our pots and pans underneath… viola, super compact usable kitchen!

To me the bedroom was normal size, there just wasn't room to fit anything extra and we could even walk into our closet… so this room was easy!

The bathroom?  Blue tile that has been around for 50 years?  Yes.  A tub that I was scared to take a bath in? Yes.  No storage?  Yes.  But we got creative, added storage and I just skipped baths while we lived… a small sacrifice!

All in all we made this home work and I would even venture to say it was the coziest place we have lived.  I still look back at these pictures and loved how it turned out.  It was interesting, because even though we downsized we still had to buy a few things to make the space work.  But we also sold things we did not need anymore… so maybe we broke even.  

This second home just felt like it was ours, I still miss it!

We learned…

A picture from our New Orleans days at a parade during Mardi Gras (yes Mardi Gras can be family friendly and is loads of fun… but that is a post for another time :)).

*We did not need near as much space as we thought we did.
*We could indeed live in New Orleans (and in fact we enjoyed it quite a bit).
*We could make it in a new place on our own.
*Even in a smaller space you may have to get a few new things… every space is different.
*When you downsize you will sell/get rid of a lot of things (and store a bunch of things at your in-laws:))
*You can still entertain… even when your space is small.
*Get creative, you can make any space work.
*Linoleum floors are the pits (but not the worst… I will share that with you at a later date), but area rugs can do wonders.
*You can survive without a dishwasher and garbage disposal.  We even did not have a washer or dryer… coin laundry was our BFF.
*Bring people you love into your home often… it makes it feel like home! :)

What have your learned from your past homes?


Sunday, January 18, 2015

16 weeks...

How Far Along? 16 weeks… looks like I only like posting on even weeks- 12, 14 and 16 so far!  And by the way, the second trimester has been so much better to me!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: A whopping 10 pounds my friends!  But I am less worried about this than last time, I know I am eating healthy and exercising and my theory is that my body is just gaining what it needs.

Baby Related Purchases: Nothing yet… but I am starting to research a double stroller… maybe a jogging one?  Do y'all have any you love?

Maternity Clothes: Still just maternity pants.. because I can and they are comfortable.

Sleep: I am sleeping better, but still waking up on my back.  I am going to try to solve this with more pillows!

Movement: At my doctors appointment the nurse asked me if I was feeling the baby all the time.  I thought you were supposed to feel them that much this early… am I wrong?  But on that note I am pretty sure I am feeling a few things that are baby each day! :)

What I miss: My full energy level.  I am back to working out in the morning and eating is going better!

Cravings: Asian food, bread, lunchmeat (weird right, I have heated it when I have eaten it… don't worry :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Starting to feel a lot better, still a little nauseous in the evening.   Nothing specifically is making me sick at this point… yay!

Gender: Still don't know… but we should find out right around Valentines Day!  I feel so so soooo ready to know, even more so than I was with BD.  Andrew is excited to know, but not as anxious as I am to know right now.

Labor Signs: Hopefully a long time away…

Symptoms: Tired, a little nauseous and still having some headaches.

Best moments this week: This has been such a jam packed two weeks…
*6th anniversery
*Dr's appointment
*Going under contract on our house
among other things :)

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender and hopefully getting into our new house!!!

Size of Baby: Size of an avacado!

For the little:
This is that stage of pregnancy where I am just ready to feel you more… but I know the movement is coming.  I am excited to know you, your personality and everything.  We are praying for you and BD's excitement is mounting too!

Week by Week…


 12 Week

14 Week

Friday, January 16, 2015


Oh Friday before a long weekend, how we have waited for you!  Anyone else as excited as us???
Here are some of the reasons…


Those that have been following along might remember we have been on a home search for quite some time… and we have exciting news…. we are officially under contract for a house!  A little overwhelming and exciting and whew… these next few weeks will probably be a whirlwind.  It is a three week closing which I hear is pretty quick, so we are just praying the home inspection and appraisal go well!


In relation to number one, all this home searching has got me reminiscent about all the homes we have lived in… this will be the sixth in six years!  I started a little series this week about each of our homes and what we learned from being there.  The first installment is here…
Dwelling One: The Cookie Cutter Town Home 


In light of the home search and such this week has been bananas…  yesterday we literally did not stop all day!  Gym, work, running around trying to get the earnest money to where it needed to go, doctors appointment (we got to hear our little's heartbeat and next appointment we should get to do the anatomy scan and find out the gender!), cloth diaper meeting and then finally home.  BD spent most of the day with me running these crazy errands in summer dress and wind pants because she had a little accident at school and that summer dress is all I had in the diaper bag (mom fail).  But we made it and will hopefully have a more relaxing day and weekend!


Just star tine a new Life Group at church… we are reading Women of the Word and then after that hopefully going through a few books of the Bible to apply what we have learned.  Anyone out there read this before?


I am currently wearing pajamas at Panera before work. It is pajama day at school. I am not sure if this a positive or negative about working at preschool… I have gotten some pretty strange looks!

How was your week?  Any exciting plans this weekend? 


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our Home Journey… Dwelling One

Andrew got The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith for me for Christmas.  I have been wanting this book for a while… it is a "not your typical"home decor book.  The tagline is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" if that tells you anything about the book.  Anyways… I   h i g h l y recommend it!   

In the second chapter of the book Smith takes you on a journey of sorts through all the homes they have lived in… and there have been 13, most of which have been rentals.  As I was reading I  couldn't help but think through the 5, soon to be 6 homes we have lived in in our 6 years of marriage, all of which have been rentals. I pondered each space, the memories we made there, how we made them home and what we learned from living there…. and I just felt like I had to share.  Maybe it will give some encouragement to some other transient folk or those that aren't in their "dream home."

So without further ado...

Dwelling One

The Cookie Cutter Town Home

Yes… I drove by today took this picture and reminisced a bit.
I was graduating, Andrew was working, we were about to get married and we were searching for our first place to live.  At this point Andrew still had big business dreams that would probably take us out of town in a couple years and I was planning to just find teaching jobs wherever we went.  Renting was just the way to go.

We looked at some apartments first before realizing that renting a town home would be the best bang for our buck.  We searched and settled on this 1100 square foot town home that was nestled in a sea of town homes.  The house had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a large living area, a small kitchen with an eat in area, and a tiny finked outside area (we are talking tiny and you had to not mind looking at a chain link fence).   This place was great for where we were at, but looking back now, I realize we had more space than we needed, were paying more than we probably should have and were living an unnecessary distance from where we both worked.  This is probably why when you are newly married or new to a city it is good to rent for a while, until you know what you want and need.

But really, over all it was a great situation- the renting.  Our landlord was awesome replacing and fixing anything we needed.  In hindsight, I also realized that he was happy keeping "good renters" in the space.

At the time of our marriage and move in we were essentially two college kids without so much as a spoon let alone a sofa or a bed to our name.  So what do you do when you are inexperienced, young and just get a new place?  You feel the need to fill it. Immediately.  Now we did not go Pottery Barn crazy, but we did use our saving to buy new sofas, a new master bed set and a new daybed among other things.  We didn't buy all new, we did find a china cabinet and a kitchen table used and borrowed a few items.  In hindsight, we spent more than we had to on more than we needed.   

This home was special, it really was being our first place and all.  Looking back, we also learned a lot.

  We learned…

*You don't have to fill a house with stuff… especially not just to fill the space.  That daybed that we bought and sold with in two years was probably slept on less than ten times.
* Get creative with the set up.  We bought gigantic couches (Andrew is 6'3 and can lay on the big one with room spare) and then had no idea how they would fit, but after a little creative thought we came out with a great layout.
*Having two bathrooms and a dishwasher is amazing… actually this is something we may only know in hindsight after living places without, but still.
*But mostly we learned that making a home is not about the amount of stuff you have or if your space is "complete" it is about making Christ the center of your home and bringing people in- friends, neighbors, family...

What did you learn from your first place?


Sunday, January 4, 2015

14 Weeks...

Breaking my "only flowing shirts" rule to give a real bump shot... This is definitely bigger than I was at 14 weeks with BD!

How Far Along? 14 weeks… 2nd trimester hopefully you will be very nice :)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think at the doctors appointment it was 7 pounds.  With the last two pregnancies I gained almost 5 pounds immediately, so this is just par for the course.

Baby Related Purchases: Nothing really… I guess technically we got a few new cloth diapers on Black Friday because they were such a good deal.  Don't worry we kept them gender neutral :)

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants.. because I can and they are comfortable.

Sleep: I am having trouble sleeping on my sides… I keep finding myself on my back.  Maybe I just need a few more pillows :)

Movement: I am pretty sure I have felt movement a few times, but it is hard to tell this early!

What I miss: Still running and enjoying food.

Cravings: hmmm… bread and olive oil… you may have seems one on my Instagram :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still feeling pretty nauseous, but not actually getting sick. Mexican food is not appealing to me at all… but I have been craving oriental… weird right?

Gender: Still don't know.  I don't think we will find out until February sometime :(

Labor Signs: Hopefully a long time away…

Symptoms: Nauseous, tired, headaches… that about sums it up.  7:30 bedtime is my BFF

Best moments this week: Date day with Andrew… Got some time to spend just the two of us. We had a doctor appointment before Christmas and got to hear the heartbeat. Seeing family and celebrating the holidays!

Looking forward to: Feeling better… I think I will turn a corner soon :)

Size of Baby: Size of a lemon!

For the little:
We celebrated Christmas and New Years this past week… excited because next year, God willing you will be here to celebrate with us!  We are praying for your heart and growth each day!


Friday, January 2, 2015

5 on Friday


Happy New Year!!!  Here is a quick recap of our 2014


Have you read You and Me Forever?  The subtitle of this book is "marriage in light of eternity."  Excited to read it with Andrew!


A quick review of my favorite gift… my Stitch Fix


Yet another book… The Nesting Place… have you read this one?  It was written by this blogger.  She basically goes though and talks about creating and setting up a beautiful lived in home.  I loved it especially in light of our own transience (6 homes in 6 years… pretty exciting right?).  One section went though all the houses she has lived in and what she learned from them.  It got me pondering what I have learned from each place we have lived… I think she may have inspire my own little mini series :)


I am a planner and dreamer by nature… so of course I have...
goals…  yearly goals :)