Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moving Tips and Tricks...

Almost 3 years ago when we moved to NOLA!!!
Two weeks from today we will be moving... at this time exactly we will probably be driving the 9+ hours with infant and life packed in a Uhaul.  I find this point before a move the most difficult... I am torn between wanting to soak up us much time with the people I love here... and the reality of having to pack.
I keep telling friends here that I am more interested in seeing people than having the most organized move.  I just feel like when I have moved in the past, I have tried to be super organized... and still reorganized everything when we arrived.  And always get to the last three or so boxes and they just end up being "whatever is left."  Please say this isn't just me!
That being said, I don't currently have my own tips and tricks (maybe post move I will).  I have however taken a few minutes to compile a list of websites about moving... I made a pintrest board for just moving.  We will see how much I use these tips... maybe you are moving too and want to check them out!



  1. Thanks for sharing this! I was actually just looking at some moving companies who go a long distance because I am going to be moving all the way to the west coast. I am going there for a new job, which I am very excited about!

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  3. still reorganized everything when we arrived. And always get to the last three or so boxes and they just end up being "whatever is left." Please say this isn't just me!

  4. Moving day is very messy and many people pay visit on that day. It becomes really tough task to arrange the move on last day. To organize your move properly you can hire moving company as this would reduce much burden and make your move easy and smooth.