Sunday, December 22, 2013

This week in preschool...

I thought I would start sharing some of my weekly adventures in preschool. Fun stories and activities that others can do with their littles!  My hope is to tell each week... but being that I just began a three week break I may not remember when I get back...
Anyways, here are some fun thing from this week!  Many I think originated somewhere or somewhat on pintrest.   

*Christmas tree paint brush pictures

We made some pieces of a Christmas tree into a simple paintbrush and the kiddos went at it.  They loved it!  My warning is though, that these "brushes" do tend to fling some paint if you have some more excited kids.

*Christmas tree names

You can't see it too well from the picture here, but we took a Christmas tree shaped piece of paper and write our kiddos names on is vertically, then we cut each letter like a puzzle.  The kiddos hub was to put together the tree with their name in the correct order and matching the puzzle pieces.  Then they decorated their trees.

*Snowman Ornament

Fine motor skills as they put bean bag styrofoam into ornaments!

*Gingerbread Hunt

We made and decorated ginger bread cookies.  Then my partner teacher hid them while I was reading the story.  We had clues that led the kiddos to about 5 locations ending at the cookies.  They LOVED it, and did great with the clues!  

*Jesus is the Light of the World Door

My kids painted the lights with sparkly paint… we were going to put their pictures on the lights but it just never happened.

*Number Tree Decorating

Die cut trees, numbers and sequins.  That simple!

*Angel Hand and Footprint

This picture is actually not the finished product.  We did a Bible verse at the top- Luke 1:37- For no word from God will ever fail.

*Manger Plate

These were our gifts to our parent's… honestly, mostly put together by my co teacher… But they are just SOOOOO cute.  The parents loved them!

*Polar Express Day!


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