Friday, December 20, 2013



As many of you know I cloth diaper and love it.  You can read about it here and here.  I am a member of a couple of FB groups where I can ask and answer questions with other cloth diaper mamas.   This week a question came up about how these mamas store their stash.  Curious, I looked and to my amazement these are some of the pictures I saw…

Can I tell you I have about 20 cloth diapers and that is plenty.  I cloth diaper to save money… while all these diapers are very cute, it cracks me up because I feel like it at least partially defeats the purpose of cloth diapering.


We did our family Christmas!  I know it is early, but we will be traveling all over starting… later today!  We tried to start some traditions… we'll see what sticks for next year. 
*A Christmas book to BD each Christmas Eve (or in our case  "Christmas Eve") with a letter from Andrew and I written in it.
*Ornament to BD each year.
*and most importantly, reading a reflecting on the Christmas story!
Would love more ideas for traditions!!!  


This is already viral… but it is so good… you should watch it again.


I have quite a few presents this year that I am very excited about… it reminds me about the truth about giving.  I wish I could share pictures, but that would give away a couple people's presents! 


She read truth.  I really do love this blog and their reading plans.  I don't do all of them, but I have been doing the one right now… Emmanuel.  IT is a simple way to direct each day of this busy season back to Christ.


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  1. Stopping by from the linkup!
    I cloth diaper as well, and I do have lots of diapers, but nowhere NEAR those ones! I use AppleCheeks, and it's true that they basically have a cult following, but I've never had storage issues for my diapers lol.
    I've never heard of she reads truth, but I'm intrigued, thanks for sharing!
    Also, that commercial is the best!!