Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Strategies for Natural Childbirth...

Now that I am 37 weeks (almost 38), there is no denying that the baby is coming soon.  BD did not come until just after her due date… but who knows… it could happen today.  
Those that know and have talked to me about birth have probably heard that it is my preference to go a naturally as possible.  There is definitely a time and place for interventions, but personally I wanted BD's birth as intervention free as possible. I was going to write a post about my birth plan, but my blogging friend Courtney wrote one that so closely resembled my plan that I figured I did not need to rewrite the same thing:)
One of my first recommendations to friends that are planning on going natural is to take a Bradley Method class.  It is a commitment for 12 weeks, but it really prepares you and your husband!  This time around has been interesting because we did not take the class again.  I feel more prepared in that I have experienced birth before and less prepared at the same time because we have not been preparing as intentionally as last time (I think the 2 year old distracts us :)).  
Soooo… I am summarizing some of my strategies here… to help you if your are interested AND to help  prepare myself to get in a state of mind that is prepared for childbirth again!!!

Strategies to Prepare Throughout Pregnancy

*Take a Bradley Method class. Seriously, the knowledge for you AND your partner will be priceless.  If you can't take the class read Husband-Coached Childbirth and review the birth process!
*Involve the hubs… he is your coach though this and his involvement makes all the difference.
*Pick a doctor and hospital that are friendly to natural childbirth.
*Possibly hire a doula.  We loved having a doula and decided it was worth the financial sacrifice to have one again!
*Get enough rest… sleep at night, nap when you need to, and get off your feet when your body tells you to!
*Exercise daily (or as much as possible).
*Eat healthy.  I recommend the Brewer's Diet.  This is high protein and low sugar among other things.  I am not saying I have been perfect with this, but the babe needs protein!
*Take you prenatal.
*Practice relaxation methods… things like relaxing yourself from head to toe, massage, back rubs, visualization (imagine the beach or another peaceful place) etc.
*Review and practice different positions and movements for labor.
*Come up with a birth plan with your husband.  Discuss the birth plan with your doctor, doula and whoever else is involved. 
*Sit on  your birthing ball for a little while each day (this will feel good to do anyways).
*Tour the hospital to know what amenities will be available and what you should bring.
Strategies During Early Labor

*In the days leading up to labor make sure you are eating healthy- plenty of carbs for energy.  Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water.
*Once early labor has begun take some time rest, especially if you go into labor in the evening or at night.  Even catch some sleep if you can… you will need your energy!
*Once early labor has begun, eat some foods that will give you energy- bananas, oatmeal, eggs graham crackers, toast, nonfat yogurt, smoothies made with nonfat milk, rice, non acidic fruit etc.
*Once labor has started try to keep drinking water.  A good goal is a cup/water bottle every hour.  To go along with this, try to use the restroom every hour… you will be glad you did later :).
*Distract, distract, distract during early labor.  This is the perfect time for a Netflix marathon.  I have even heard of people baking their baby a "Birth Day" cake in early labor!
*Move- go on a walk, do some squats, start some birthing positions.
*Get in the bath or take a shower.
Strategies During Active Labor, Transition and Birth
*Make sure you are using deep abdominal breathing.
*Go to the hospital, but don't go to the hospital too early.  One rule I heard was 4-1-1- contraptions around 4 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute, that have been continuing this pattern for an hour.  One of the main things you will see is a mood change in the mom… she will usually go from being able to joke around and such to being serious.
*Have your partner or doula use counterpreassure for back pain.
*Move positions and find positions that work for you.
*Use this relaxation techniques that you practiced!
*Have your partner or say in your mind encouraging phrases.
*Have everyone stay calm.
*Pray and recite scripture.
And when the baby comes… enjoy the little one :):):)

What about you??? What other recommendations do you have???

*Post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting our family :)


  1. These are good tips Stasia and ones we definitely used some last time and I plan to use more this time around. Happy rest of this pregnancy and labor/birth! :)

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