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BD 9 months...

BD 9 months... 

Monthly Milestones 

*You are pulling yourself up like crazy on everything and carefully cruising.  It was so funny because you had pulled yourself up on a couple of isolated occasions… then last Friday you just started to do it ALL THE TIME… guess you just decided it was what you wanted to do! :)

*Crawling!  But if you want to get there quick you are still army crawling… and you usually just crawl long enough to pull your self up on something!
*Riding toy!  You currently sit on it, and push yourself backwards.

*Actually using the walker-  you can walk all the way across the house by yourself… you want to walk so bad!

*Actually rocking on your rocking snow leopard.

Favorite Things... 

*Loves to eat.  Anything. Everything. All the time.
*Hanging out and talking with other kids. 

*Push toy.  You can walk across the house with it now!:)

*Just wants to stand and walk… soon enough child, soon enough

*Bath time… you love every minute of it.  You sit in the bath tub by your self now! 

*Books!  This month you have really started to "read" them yourself… we don't leave you with a flap book, you tear out every one you can!

*Little people nativity

*Advent Calendar!
*Preschool… we are so thankful for FBC Preschool!  Also, other kids… you cant't get enough!!!


* Went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago.. 24.5 pounds… and I feel like my arm is about to fall off.   I am ready for her to walk since she is so heavy, but I know I am really not ready for full mobility!


*We have no idea… but know you are over 30 inches.

Clothing Size...

*12-24 month 

Sleep Patterns…

It seems like we can't get our day and night time sleep good at the same time!  Right now daytime is great!  On school days you usually take one long nap from 12:00-2:30ish.  On non school days you usually catch 2 shorter naps.

Nighttime… just cracks me up.  First you toss and turn in your sleep all the time now, try to find the snuggly corners of your crib and sleep flat on your face (even though we always lay you on your back).  You wake 1-3 times a night and sometimes you just like to crawl around in bed between Andrew and I.  Andrew can now successfully get you back to sleep without feeding you.  I am not really concerned that she does not sleep through the night yet… I know you will do it eventually, in your own time :)

Eating Patterns... 

Still breast fed 7ish, 11ish (usually bottle), 3ish, and 7ish... and as much as you want at night... lol. 

As for people food, we still love BLW.You love to feed yourself and day everything… seriously EVERYTHING!

At school they talk about how the other kids close to your age are just learning to feed themselves, and you are proficient… probably because you have been practicing since 6 months :)

Outings and Celebrations...

* Atlanta and Augusta for BD's first Thanksgiving!

*Saw Santa for the first time…

*Thanks giving brunch with Jor and Leah

*Lunch and coffee with sweet friends!

*Pictures and playdate with sweet friends!

*Saw santa for the second time…

*First Christmas with the fam!

*Dinner date with Uncle John Henry and Andrew at OK cafe…

*BD with sweet friends for lunch!


*Little Bit 
*Little Chunk 
*Chunky monkey 
*Bailey Boo 
*Bailey Boo Hoo 
*Bailey, Bailey Drew (Sung to the tune of Scooby Doo) 

Things others have said about you...

*"She makes the funniest faces!"

*"She has so much hair!" / "she looks lil Cindy Lou Whoo."/ "Look at that water fountain."

*"She is so big!" 

*"She is chill/easy going" 

*"Look at those chunks!" 

Things we have noticed about you...

* You are ready to be more mobile than you are.
You love eating and drinking real food. 

*You seem really chill about things. 

*You love seeing all different people! Little social butterfly. 

*Persistent and determined... still 

*The more people the better! 

*You do like a little bit of alone play time. 

*You love to smile and laugh. 

For Bailey Drew…

BD oh BD.  We love spending every moment we can with you!  Everyday your personality emerges a bit more.  Your perseverance, your social butterfly nature… we love it.

You have become a bit more clingy this month (except at preschool)… if mama or daddy are around, you want us!  Guess this is to be expected.
You always look at other kids when you can.  When they are crying you look at them like you want to help… it is so sweet!

We are loving the holidays with you!  IT is so fun as you experience each new thing!

Bailey Drew you are loved and prayed for!!! :)

Looking Back...

BD 8 month…

BD 7 month…


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