Friday, May 17, 2013

our first beach trip...

And by our first beach trip I mean Bailey Drew's first beach trip.  It is going to be crazy... we are moving to Statesburro on the 29th of May (driving all 9 hours with all our stuff and a newborn) and we are going to the beach on June 1st... like I said we just want to keep things crazy!  So, we are trying to prepare for the beach now.  That sounds so funny, prepare for the beach, but I feel with an infant it is necessary.

So after researching these are the things that I have purchased/have been given. 


1. Hat for the baby- 

We bought one at the outlets, BD has already worn it and loved it!

2. Coverup for the beach-

Sweet light beachy onesie from a sweet friend (originally from Old Navy).  Heard these are good to protect her skin and still keep her cool!

3. Swim diapers-

We chose Kushie reusable swim diapers.  We chose the reusables after a lot of research.  While normal cloth diapering is not easier than disposables (though I still reccomend it), I have heard these are easier than disposables.. and they are a lot cuter :).  I am not sure BD will be doing much swimming, we bought a medium to hopefully last her through the summer.

4. Swim shirt/bathing suits-

We have a couple of  protective swim shirts from friends and we bought one.  We also have a bunch of bathing suits people gave us.  This may be ignorant, but do newborns actually wear bathing suits?  Everything I read says their skin needs to be totally covered... maybe it is just for pictures ;)

5. Tent-

We were torn between a baby sized tent and tent anyone could sit under.  Eventually we decided on this tent.  We figured this way if BD wants to be held she can still be in the shade, also I will be able to feed her under it as well.  Hopefully we can use it again and again!  We'll let you know if it is worth while.

6. Baby wearer-

I am not lugging the stroller or baby carrier to the beach.  This should be an easy way to carry her out there.  We will bring our Baby K'tan, our Ergo, and a Mei Tai we are borrowing from a friend.  

7. SPF wash in to clothing

I have heard that the SPF washes out of clothing... so I bought this to wash SPF into clothing.  Hopefully this is not a scam and I am not ridiculous for buying this.  I also am not sure how I will know if it works...

8. Sunglasses-

We actually got 2 pairs of sunglasses as shower gifts that are super cute (think big lenses and pink:)) but they don't fit BD yet so we will have to save those for later.  We bought these that are made for 0-2 years with a velco strap that will stay on her head.  I read several reviews about how thy fit babies at 2 months and 2 years, so I think they were a worth while investment.  I also think BD now has more sunglasses than me:).

We really need suggestions... other things we need? Anything we don't need on this list?
Maybe we will do a posttrip list... what we actually needed... :)

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