Friday, August 5, 2011

Is couponing worth it???

The Benefits of Couponing
o   Knowing you are being a good steward of what God has given you.
o   Saving money.
o   Ability to share more with others (whether with items you have bought or more money).
o   The excitement of knowing you did not pay more than necessary J.

Couponing in Your Life: Some things to Remember
o   Don’t get discourage, you won’t be an expert right away.
o   It might be good to start with one store or one deal to not get overwhelmed.
o   As you start remember any savings is good.  Decide where your priorities are (if it 
o   Your time is worth money too.
o   Remember how much storage you have (don’t buy more than you have room to store).
o   PLAN, PLAN, PLAN- good planning is key (list making, coupons, trip order), your time at home is just as important as going to the store.
o   Get organized, it will save you time later.
o   Check coupon policies.
o   Just try it, you will learn how as you go!


  1. Is this post for me? Hahaha, I'm kidding. I just need to sit and watch you do it one time to see how you plan. We'll need to make those arrangements soon!

  2. Mastering couponing was a hobby of mine this summer, and it has really influenced how I think about buying groceries, Household items, school suppliesetc from week to week! I've gotten some great deals feom shopping with circulars which is aomething I never did in the past. :)