Sunday, April 22, 2012

Becoming more efficient...

In a normal week of work I leave in the morning at 6:00 a.m., and return home at around 6:00 p.m, that is already a 12 hour day.  Then after I complete my weekly duties at home, I do a few more hours of work.   Then I wake up early in the morning and work a little more.  Then on the weekend I do 5-8 more hours of work. Even as I am writing this it seems ridiculous that I would have to spend this much time preparing to teach my third graders.  What is more than that is that I do not really think that the amount of time I spend working is glorifying to God in most cases.

 This past week in school, I have been determined to get through more of my work at work... imagine that. This past week was a success, while I continued my 12 hour day, I did not due a bit of school work at home this week, and only 3 hours this weekend!

Here's how it worked...

  1. Modified To Do List: I always have a to do list, but I don't always keep it right in front of me while I work.  This week I did. Also, I have the tendency to do the easiest things on my list first, as opposed to the most pressing or important.  Sometimes this is a good thing, but when you push aside the things you really have to get done... it is no good!
  2. One Task at a Time: When I am at school, there are so many things to do, my head starts to spin, and I move from task to task, without finishing one before starting the next.  I made myself do just one thing at a time... and it made a difference.
  3. More Focus: Just as simple as it sounds, but harder than you think.
Hopefully this next week will be just as efficient! 

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