Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday calendar…

This is a pretty nifty organizational tool that my sweet grandma has been using for years (let say at least 20 years).  She takes a small flip photo frame and treats it like a calendar, marking dear family and friends birthdays and anniversaries. On the first page she puts January and whoever has the first birthday or anniversary.  On the page she includes the date and a picture. 

My page in the birthday calendar.  Pretty sweet soccer
picture at age 8, if I do say so myself :)!

My grandma herself said, “I am blessed beyond measure with the people in my life.”  You can tell this is true because some of the pages have become so over crowded over the years with pictures of loved ones!

This page from July is looking a little full!

I am adding this to my summer bucket list.  I want to make one for friends and family, so that I can remember their birthdays, especially relatives I don’t get to see often.  My hope is also to use it for prayer, flipping through praying for those that are near and dear!  

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