Thursday, August 2, 2012

All well made plans...

I had big plans this week.  This was the first week all summer I could get into my room, so I was going to work all week, and get it done before preplanning.  I even had Andrew's help for a couple of days... it was going to be great.
Yesterday, I spent most of the day in training and then found out I could not get back in my room until Friday after 12.  I would miss out on a day and a half of working in my room... shouldn't be a big deal right?  Well, I freaked out.  What do you mean I can't finish getting my room ready before preplanning? Andrew was there, he could tell you, I blew this thing way out of proportion.  
I have got to learn to be a bit more flexible.  So for the first time ever I will go into preplanning with my room not done.  And that is okay... it has to be.  I think it is a way of God stretching me, teaching me that things don't always go my way or according to my plans.

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