Sunday, August 19, 2012


So... we are pregnant!  And friends, we ask for your prayers right now!
We are about 10 weeks... due March 18th!
You see ever since our miscarriage and the journey that came with it, I was afraid that I would be overcome with fear when we got pregnant again.  That I would be so afraid of losing another baby, of the pain and sorrow that goes with that.  So on the morning of Friday July 6th, before I headed to the lake... I decided on a whim to take pregnancy test. I was so expectant to say"Not Pregnant" that I was wondering around the house finishing getting ready before I remembered to look back at the test to see the word "Pregnant"!!!
 I was amazed because in that moment and in most moments (admittedly not every single moment) since then I have been overwhelmed with peace from God.  I knew right then that I should not be scared, but show Andrew and celebrate.  For no matter what happens we have been given a gift, that we should be excited and love this baby!
Then this was confirmed when just the next day I was reading my friend Melissa's blog, the timing was incredible.  You should check it out.  The song she put... whew... we'll just say I was a teary mess after listening.
We had to make a decision after going to the doctor and confirming we were pregnant... was this something we were going to share or just keep to ourselves?  I mean, everyone says wait until the end of the first trimester... that is when the riskiest time is over.  I can even say in the past, I have been shocked when people have shared before the end of the first trimester, even judging, thinking, "They shouldn't share yet."  But after much prayer and conversation with Andrew we said let's be open about it this time.  I want to share and celebrate where we are at, no matter what happens.  We were open in our miscarriage, because sooooo many women go through it and almost nobody talks about it.  We are  open now hoping for prayers and passing on hope to other couples who have been through what we have.
So for the baby we lost, we are sad we did not get to meet you, but we love you and are excited to meet you in heaven one day.
Our picture from the ultrasound.

Some pictures that Jeslyn took to announce the pregnancy.

For the sweet baby we are pregnant with right now, we love you no matter what happens.  We trust God with your life and hope to meet and raise you.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS STASIA!!! We are praying for you! Love you girl!

  2. ahhh, so excited for yall!! can't wait for baby skelton!! praying for you and andrew!!

  3. Congratulations!! So happy for y'all and praying for little one that you both will be healthy and enjoy these next 8 months! Baby Skelton is one lucky little one!

  4. AHHH!!! Congratulations!!!! So excited for you! We are definitely praying!

  5. Ahh! Freaking out about this right now! I'm so excited for you guys and praying for that sweet little baby =]

  6. What tender, precious news! Thanks for sharing when you were ready and not when 'they' say you should. From a completely different circumstance, I am learning to celebrate what IS, and not live in fear of what COULD happen. Happy dance today!

  7. I am so happy Stasia! You've been on my mind a lot and I'm glad I know why now. Praying for ya'll!

  8. So very excited for you both!!! What a wonderful gift from our Father. You will make great parents. Love to you and baby Skelton!