Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making the best...

Our Issac evacuation... or hurrication depending on how you look at it... was quite the experience.  We went from New Orleans, to Tuscaloosa, to Birmingham, to Atlanta, to Augusta, to Madison, to Tuscaloosa and back to NOLA.  Seriously it was a crazy... and fun week.
Where we live we have to clean out the fridge and freezer before evacuating.  The campus police come in and turn off the fridge and open the door. 
Now I have been told during hurricane season not to fill the freezer too much, so naturally ours was full of meat.  I was not about to let it go to waste!  Before we left we triple bagged everything put it in the bottom of our cooler and put four 10 pound bags of ice on top.  It is amazing how well coolers work... I guess that is how ice boxes worked years ago, because our stuff stayed frozen!
At least until Sunday.  Out food defrosted.  What to do with all of this meat?  We got home yesterday and I cooked
3 bags meatsauce
1 bag of beef chili
and the biggest pot of chicken chili I have ever made...
all of which I froze.
So now we have meals for weeks!  Saved money and time.  Now this was the first time I really cooked being pregnant... and made it through keeping everything down!  So it all worked out... a little crazy but we made it work :)
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