Sunday, September 16, 2012

No Spend September... and maybe October???

For my last pay period (August 20-September 20), Andrew and I wanted to do a "no spend month."  Since I had been sick, we ate out a lot more than usual.  So, we had planned on cutting our eating out to $0, our extra spending to $0 and our grocery budget to just the necessities.  Then just a couple days later the hurricane came and wrecked our plans.  Well really it gave us an awesome opportunity to see friends and family, but that opportunity threw our plan out the window.  And made this past month a big one for spending.
We spent more on food/water before we decided to leave, we spent on gas to travel to see family, eating out on the way.  Then when we got back we spent money on groceries to restock the fridge.  It was just one of those months where the budget went the opposite as planned.. which happens sometimes.
So this next month (for us September 20-October 20) we are going no spend... and hopefully all goes as planned!  We will cut eating out and entertainment spending completely, and cut our grocery budget in half.  Lets see how this goes!  I will keep you updated! :)  

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