Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday...

Confession: I really do enjoy Black Friday.  
Crowds, deals, excitement and all.
I don't really like the fact that stores now open at 8pm on Thanksgiving... taking away from workers' and shoppers' Thanksgiving day... but that is another issue entirely.
I talked to my dad while we were on our way to Target the other night for the midnight rush (okay really the 9 o'clock rush).  I could hear his shock and disbelief when I told him that Andrew and I were heading over there... just for fun.  There were no TVs or game systems that we were rushing to get.. nothing that we really needed, but over the years Black Friday has just become something that we like to do together.  For us, we have realized that we would rather have the time spent together picking out a present or gift for the other person than the surprise Christmas day.  Just a personal preference, but it works for us.  This year, like most years we did not buy much. What we did buy was mainly baby stuff...
How could we resist something so cute... hopefully she will be using it before next Black Friday :).
Like I said Black Friday is like a date for us but, we have to be careful of spending on unnecessary things... or I guess really highly necessary things.  We have to be careful of really "good deals."  This year we had one such experience.  We were at the Coach Outlet store in Gulfport.  I don't even usually go in there, not usually me, but someone told me they had good diaper bags.  So in we went.  One of the people working there showed us a "good deal" on a diaper bag that usually costs $550 (or somewhere close to that amount) that we could get today for $200.  I am not sure what came over me but I actually thought about buying it.    When we left the store I couldn't believe I seriously considered spending $200 on a diaper bag.  There are about 1,000 better ways we could spend, share or give that money.
So in the midst of the holidays, enjoying every moment, we were reminded to make sure not to get too caught up :)

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  1. fun :) the only reason i go out on black friday is that i work at the GAP part time & everyone in retail works that day!!