Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Repurposed dresser!!!

Dresser… converted to a entertainment center!

I am always excited and amazed to see how God provides!  Our Walmart entertainment has been falling apart.  Seriously you pulled out the drawer.. and stuff was falling out of the bottom of it.  Honestly it was a mess even when we bought it four years ago, but we kept it anyways.

So I had this vision of finding a cheap dresser, painting it some fun color, and turning it into our entertainment center.  We have been looking for a cheap dresser and God provided.  A friend of ours gave us their old dresser for FREE...  Like I said God is amazing how he just provides!  

Here is the finished product... my camera decided not to work tonight so I had to use a not so good pic from my phone.

It was this bright royal blue before... I think I am going to paint the extra drawer and use it as a shelf in the nursery!:)

Now we are on the search for another dresser, a little longer, for Bailey's changing table/dresser.  I already have the paint color.  I am willing to wait for free or cheap... let me know if you've seen one!

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