Monday, December 31, 2012

A year from now...

Coming in 2013...
This Thanksgiving and Christmas break have been filled with so many wonderful and typical things. Seeing family... Traveling every which way... Eating a big dinner and then going out and playing sports in the yard (I tried to stay in the kitchen this year... But I did not last that long...)
For Thanksgiving we were able to travel from NOLA to Birmingham to My moms in ATL to my dads in ATL to Augusta back to Birmingham to Tuscaloosa to Gulfport and back home to NOLA. For Christmas I flew to ATL while Andrew drove, flew back to NOLA and finished a week of work, flew back to ATL for a few days, drove to Augusta, drove back to Atlanta, then drove back to NOLA... a lot of travel huh? But we really actually enjoy moving around all over the place!

This Thanksgiving and Christmas have me thinking about what will things be like a year from now. In a year hopefully
* we will have a healthy baby girl and be traveling as a family of 3
*Andrew will have graduated from seminary and will have a new job
*and quite possibly the job will have moved us somewhere in the US... Location right now completely unknown!

These are some pretty big and exciting changes to say the least. Next year we may not be able to travel us much, or do Black Friday shopping or even depending upon where we live we may not even be able to come see family at all! It is sad to think about that... But just as in all of these changes we are about to encounter I have to trust God. He may call us across the country to Portland, Oregon or to stay in NOLA or to come back to Georgia. Whatever change is to come we can rest assured that God never changes... He is faithful.

So as I think about a year from now, what it holds... changes and all... I do not worry but instead rest in the unchanging Father.

Goodbye 2012... Hello 2013... Excited to see what you bring!!!


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