Saturday, January 26, 2013

To do lists...

I have rarely met someone so reliant (and moderately obsessed) with to do lists.  There is a whole system I use... organized chaos really.
I start with one of those portfolio folders that has a legal pad on one side.  The folder side is where I put odds and ends that have to do with completing the to do list.  The legal side is a weekly to do list 
that has to do with all of the personal stuff I have to get done.  I redo this one once a week.  

Then I have a composition notebook that I also keep inside the portfolio.  This has my daily school to do list.  I redo this one everyday... there is just so much school work to get done! However I would much rather do the things on my personal to do list than my school one (it is happening right now).

There is also a whole system of highlighting I use at times that indicates when I am going to do what.  Sometimes I will number things by priority... but I really just like to start with the easiest or quickest thing.  In fact sometimes I put things on my to do list that are done... just so I can cross them off.  I get way to much joy from crossing things off my to do list.

My husband does not understand.  In fact I will try to write him a to do list from time to time.  He doesn't even cross off the items he is done with... that is the most fun part.  He also thinks I spend a lot of time making and maintaining the list... which is probably true.  

So I have been pondering trying to go paperless with my to do lists... do any of you do this?  I just downloaded the paperless app.  I just am having trouble transitioning to use it.  I can't get used to the new system... I just need to make myself make the change so I don't have to carry around the bulky to do list. We'll see how I do!  Any other recommendations for my transition to paperless???

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  1. I made myself start using my calendar and the reminder app on my iPhone a couple months ago to help me transition to a paperless system also. I thought it was going to be really tough, but after a week I got the hang of it. However, I do write important events (like doctor's appointments) in my paper calendar as back-up in case I lost my phone. I'm sure it's all backed up to the cloud, but deep down inside I think I just like writing things down too much. : )