Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby headbands...

So... one of the latest crazes for baby girls are these adorable headbands...
For sale on etsy- $25 for 10

For sale on etsy- $14.25 for 1... this is the one I LOVE... but just can't justify $14.25 + shipping

As I have said before, I am not that girly. but I still feel the need for Bailey Drew's little head not to be missing these cute little adornments.  The definitely go on the not necessary but so cute list for babies.

Besides not being very girly, I am not very crafty.  It is one of those things I have denied for years, but have come to terms with.  I am just not very detail oriented... more of a big picture person.  So if you look at most of my crafts from a distance... they look fine... just don't get too close.

All that being said I still decided to tackle this project.  I bought elastic lace and ribbon from Mary Supplies , went to JoAnn's Fabric to buy some fabric swatches and felt.  In all I spent about $20.  I figure If I can make at least 15 headbands from that it will be worth it.

So first I created a couple of complete headbands.  I just cut out a piece of felt to the size flower I wanted.  Cut the fabric I wanted, and glued in on in a way I thought would look cute... it was trial and error.  I cut another piece of felt the same size as the first, measures the headband to the "correct" size and glue gunned the elastic between the two pieces of felt.

After making a couple of complete headbands I go worried that I was not making them the correct size for her head... so I just made flowers and figured I could glue gun them together when she gets here and I know how big she is.

 Things I learned...

  • Most of the elastic ribbon/lace I bought were in 2 foot increments... that means I will only be able to make 1 head band out of each, but I will have just short of a foot leftover.  Seems kind of wasteful, but most of the elastic I can use to make hair ties for me.
  • Even buying the smallest fabric swatches are about $2 a piece and have way too much fabric for the 1-2 headbands I want to make with that fabric.  This would be a great project to go in on with someone else... anyone with a little girl want to make some more headbands with me???
  • Think I would pick plainer fabrics next time... match more things???
  • Just mess with the flower until it looks right... or at least that was my strategy!

Anyways in all I was able to make my goal of 15 headbands for $20 with a supply left to make many many more.  Definitely a savings from etsy.  Hopefully I will share pictures very soon of little Bailey wearing them.

Side note...  have you done this before???  Any suggestions???

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