Monday, March 4, 2013

Nursery reveal...

We kind of had a weird decision when it came to the nursery.  As many of your readers know, Andrew is graduating in May and is currently looking for a job.  Right now we have entertained the idea of moving every where from Portland to Georgia to staying in New Orleans.  The crazy thing is even if we stay in New Orleans we will have to move because we currently live in family housing on campus. So Bailey will probably come sometime in March, and we will move sometime between May and August.  At absolute most, she will be here 5 months and at least less than 2!
So why waste the time to set up the nursery?  Doesn't the baby stay in your room at first anyways?  So true, but as we began to receive baby stuff, we needed a place to put it.  And we figure eventually need all the nursery stuff, why not just set it up now.  We will just eventually move it to a new location.  And  it has been such a sweet place to prepare and pray for Bailey Drew!
Plus... once we showed people our inspiration for the nursery...

People started giving us the cutest yellow and gray pictures, and the such.  We found great deals on everything else... God just provided so we did not spend a lot!  
So here it is... a nursery minus a crib which is waiting for us in a box in Georgia (little weird I know!)
A little overview of the space... looks a little shadowy here, but you get the idea. The glider was a great find on craigslist... ironically the people we bought it from are Georgia graduates living here in NOLA.
The "I love yellow" frame was a sweet birthday gift, the tree canvas has the thumb prints from all those who attended showers, and a friend gave me the frame with the yellow matting (picture needs changing :))
I made the little "B" frame from stuff we already had, the "You are my sunshine" frame was gift, and the tissue pom pom is from our gender reveal.
The initials were a shower gift, we moved the lamp from another room, bought the shelf, and did the canvas ourselves with a verse we are praying over Bailey.
The picture frame was a Christmas gift from my little brother, the show is from MUSES :), and the yarn "B" is left over from the gender reveal... B was for boy, but now it is for Bailey :)

And the dresser changing table.  It is higher so it works perfect for Andrew and I.  We found it on super clearance at Babies'R'Us!
 It should work... nothing over the top... but just a sweet room that hopefully can grow with sweet Bailey Drew!

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