Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Have you met the sweet, new joy of our lives... her name is Bailey Drew.

Throughout the pregnancy Andrew and I often talked about how everything was about to change.  People tell you life will never be the same, you won't even remember what life was like before kids... etc. etc. etc.

So we braced ourselves for BIG, wonderful changes.

It is funny because everything changed, AND everything stayed the same.

The biggest change?  The amount of love we immediately felt for our precious little one... and how much we just like her.  How can this little person just enter your life and you immediately fall in love!  We can't imagine not giving her kisses everyday, and we love spending every moment with her.  We knew we would love her, but didn't really know to expect to like her so much.  We love getting to know her personality a little more each day!

The hardest change for me personally- time management.  I was that girl in college that would spend the night with friends in their dorm room... then leave at 7:00 the next morning because I had to be "productive," like I had more to do than anyone else! I always have to be doing something, and I have these crazy running to do lists.  I have had to adjust to the fact that some mornings it will get to be 11:00 am, and I will have done nothing besides take care of Bailey Drew and have not crossed a single thing off of the to do list.  You experienced moms out there are probably laughing at me right now...

As for things we expected to change that haven't...

One of the biggest has been Andrew and my relationship.  We thought that would change drastically, but we keep saying that still feels the same... in a good way!  We are still enjoying each other as well as our family of three!  Maybe this will be harder when and if we are blessed with more kids, and when and if I go back to work.  

Sleep.  The advise I have gotten over and over again is, "Sleep when the baby sleeps." I do think think this is great advise... it just hasn't worked for me.  Even prebaby I did not have a regular sleep schedule, get a lot of sleep, sleep in, or take naps. So since day one I have just gotten up to feed in the night, just gotten up with her in the morning, and gone to bed with her in the evening.  The only time I am really tired is first thing in the morning and sometimes at late night feedings.  I guess I thought I would be taking naps during the day... but that just never happened for me.  

What things changed for you with your first child?  What things didn't?



  1. Congrats! I apologize publicly for saying anything negative about having kids the other day! You and Andrew are in for the adventure of a lifetime, and this is a precious season! I love that you are soaking in mommy-hood and enjoying the moments. Keep blogging!

    1. Thanks Judi! And really, I always appreciate our conversations :)