Friday, May 24, 2013

BD 2 Month...

Bailey Drew 2 Month! 


Look how big my foot is!

Looking cute in the laundry basket...

and hating the laundry basket!
Monthly Milestones... 
*Tons of smiles!  This has grown exponentially!

*"Talking" :) She will sit on the couch with Andrew and coo in conversion with him... it makes my day.
* She has been letting out little shreeks that are like laughs for a while.  Just recently she lets out a chuckle... can't wait for big laughs!
*She is holding up her head except when tired.
* She sits up in the bumbo.

*she has started batting at things above her head with her hand and watching them move... it is so precious!

Favorite Things... 

* Being held! It is funny how quickly things change... last month she loved her carseat... now if she is awake she can't get out of it quick enough!
*Bouncy chair with dangling toys.
*Sitting up and "talking."
*Being sung to
*Sitting facing out so she can see everything


14.8 Pounds!!!  99th percentile... just a little on the big side ;)
The doctor even asked if this was the 2 month or the 4 month check up... because she felt like she was looking at a 4 month old!


24 inches!!! above the 95th percentile

Clothing Size... 

She wearing 3-6 month cloths.  But those 3 month footie PJs... no way.  She is way too long for that!

Sleep Patterns... 

Most nights she sleeps between 10-12 hours.  I "dream feed" her twice during that time... once after about 6-7 hours and another time after about 3 hours.  I wonder how long she would sleep straight if I did not wake up and feed her while she was sleeping...

Eating Patterns... 

She is still exclusively breast fed.  We have still been trying struggling to get her to take a bottle.  I don't want to jinx us, but she took one yesterday!  I had to trick her by breastfeeding her first... then switching to the bottle.  It is at least a start!  But today she was unable to repeat :(

Outings and Celebrations... 
*Went to Alabama to see Andrew's Grandpa, and Aunts... it was such a sweet time!
4 generations :)

*Also saw our sweet friends Val and Carson while we were in Alabama, at their new house!

*Walk with a friend

*Hung out with Leah

*My brother John Henry came to visit!  We went to dinner and the WWII museum!

*Baby dedication for sweet Bailey Drew


*Andrew got an award for being an outstanding student... we went to the ceremony!

* Andrew's graduation!!!
Sleeping during the ceremony...
Andrew is the one circled in blue...

*Went to see Heidi get baptized!
*Dinner with sweet friends, and going away parties...

air conditioning in our hair on a hot summer night :)

*Community group
*Chunky monkey
*Bailey Boo
*Bailey Bug
*Bailey, Bailey Drew (Sung to the tune of Scooby Doo)

Things others have said about you...

*Still all about your hair!
*All sorts of comments about your size... "How old is she 4 months? 6 months" lol... no just 2 months!
*Lots of comments about how well she holds her head up and socializes with people.

Things we have noticed about you...

*Still see how strong willed you are!
*Starting to notice how social you are... you love to talk and loudly.  Sometimes if we are at a restaurant or talking you will give us a shrill to remind us you are there!

For Bailey Drew...

Words do not describe how much we you.  I would rather just sit and hold you sleeping in my arms than anything else!  You are changing so much everyday... something new all the time!  I look at older babies and find it hard to believe you will be that big one day.  It is weird... I want to see each milestone, but I want you to stay the way you are right now!  Can't wait to take you on adventures this summer :)

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