Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mommyhood... expectations... and advice

Being a mom is deeply personal business!

 I knew this even before we were close to having Bailey Drew. I was talking to a friend about a sensitive child rearing issue and we expressed our opposite opinions. My friend said to me, "when you become a mom you will change your mind." This made me so angry... and we didn't even have kids yet!

Soon after I had BD, another friend had also just had a baby.  On her blog she had a list of suggestions for new moms.  I had to chuckle because on almost all of her recommendations, I would have said the opposite!
There are about a million books on feeding, sleeping, raising, etc. children.  I have read my fair share, and many contradict each other.

Everyone has something to say... 

But for me, I am trying to trust God and learn as I go.  I listen to people, read books, and then do what works for us.  

Do I do everything perfect? NO
Have I made mistakes? YES
Am I still BD's mom and get to decide what is best for her? YES :)

With all the expectations and advise out there, I come back to the fact the God has called me to be BD's mom and is teaching me day by day what is best for her.
So as I pass along and receive advise to and from the million and one friends that have, are having, or hope to have kids, I try to do so with an open mind and heart.  Every person is different, every child is different and every circumstance is different.  
I do pray that our generation will raise children that are disciples of Christ, ready to impact this world!


  1. Stasia! You look beautiful!! Please tell me your secret on having a bathing suit bod so quickly:)

    1. You are too sweet Sarah... Even though I am getting back to "normal" I feel like there are still some things that need to be rearranged for a lack of a better word! I just walked a lot during pregnancy and ate a mostly healthy diet with lots of protein. After pregnancy I just got active as soon as I could. I was scared that it would take a long time because I gained SO much weight, but it came off. Guess my body just needed the extra ;)