Sunday, June 2, 2013

the way i see them 3...

A whole week since I have blogged... the move made our lives a little busy, but we have made it from New ORleans to Statesboro and now we are at the beach!  Here are some pics from this last interesting CRAZY week!
Last time seeing some sweet friends and their three boys before they go as missionaries to Malaysia... hard to catch 4 under 3 and get a good pic... this will do :)

BD is learning to play with toys!!! Grabbing and making funny faces :)

BD and baby James learning to call the Dawgs... I think James is better! :)

Sleepy girl/milk drunk

Ready for the beach... let's get this moving stuff DONE!

Getting better at lifting my head...and my hair is still sticking up!

I manage to put up the one crying picture from the 12 hour move... really BD did so well... crying only happened once the whole trip!
First night at the beach!!!  Finally some relaxation

Happy at the beach:)
 Linking up with after His smile!