Monday, July 22, 2013

Sweetest goodbye celebration...

We have some sweet friends that are about to move overseas.  They will not be back for three years!  God is leading them and their three kiddos there to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.  You can be praying that God uses them in BIG ways!

 Another friend of ours, Anna Leigh and her mother-in-law, organized a small surprise going away celebration.  It was such an amazing time!

Also celebrated sweet Abby's birthday! :)

Our many attempts to a picture with all the kiddos...7 including the 2 not quite born yet!  Which is the best... you be the judge!  And I wonder how many kiddos will be in this picture in 3 years...

I have always thought it would be too expensive/difficult to decorate for a party. Anna Leigh and her mother-in-law made me think that I could get crafty when decorating for a party... and it could not be that difficult our expensive!  I did not come up with any of the ideas below, but Andrew and I helped in the execution and it was not hard!

We made the above place mats and napkin cards!  We took an old atlas (who uses those anymore anyways???) and cut them into place mat sized pieces. We used sections of the map that had special meaning.  Then we took colored duck tape to the back side.  On the front we used modge podge and painted two layers.  For the napkin rings we cut a portion of the map and just put a scrapbook sticker on.

And the tablescape... We just took a couple globes that they had around the house and put them on the tables.  Add some vases with free flowers from the garden and done! :)

  Last we made two banners.  again we just cut pieces from the map and painted using stencil over them! Attached them to a string using mini clothespins. 

Next party we do... I am totally being crafty... or at least trying!


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