Monday, July 15, 2013

the power of patience...

We have this old window frame in our house that has always had our wedding pictures in it. Upon moving we decided to replace some of the pictures with pictures of/with BD. I went to an online photo site, and picked the pictures I wanted.  Now, 8x11 pictures don't come cheap, cart filled I realized my total was over $20. As much as I wanted to order them then, I knew those sites had sales regularly so I decided to wait. Low and behold a week later I got sent a coupon code for 50% off my cart and I got said pictures for a little over $10.

It is hard to have patience when it comes to buying things...but it pays off.

Think about a shirt at your favorite store, buy it when it first comes out you are paying full price. Wait a few weeks and it may be 25-75% off!
Almost everything at the grocery store goes on sale... check the ads and buy things when they are on sale, not when you run out.
Patience helps you in another way too. Say you see something and you think, "I had got to have it."  If you wait a while you are less likely to indulge the impulse buy.

So, on what things have you had patience and ended up saving $$$???


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