Monday, October 21, 2013

I officially l o v e fall...

This year I noticed people getting more excited for fall than ever. I feel like since September 1, my facebook, pintrest, intagram ect has just been blown up with all things fall.  
To be honest I have been thinking... what's the big deal.  I mean I like a pumpkin spice latte (but not really at $5 a pop) scarves, tights and all... but really yall, it is just a season.  
Then we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday... and everything changed.  I now understand the love for fall and am fully embracing it.  When Andrew and I talked about going to the pumpkin patch, he thought it was silly considering she is so young... but all three of us ended up having SOOOOOOOO much fun.  Seriously, check out our pictures.
So, I have been converted... it's fall yall and I am loving it.  In the next few weeks we hope to go back to the pumpkin patch, decorate a pumpkin and go to the fair.  I will be wearing scarves tights and boots even if our southern weather says it is too hot.  And what the heck, I might break down and spend $5 on a pumpkin spice latte.


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