Saturday, December 14, 2013

6 on Saturday...

Yea, yea, I know it is supposed to be 5 on Friday, but this week has been crazy… and it is already Saturday, so I figure I would share 6 things (have of which are our child wearing Christmas pajamas… whatever :) it has been a pajama kind of week!)


Christmas pajamas number one, and I think these are my favorite.  They were actually donated to us before BD was born.  These are so classic and will probably be what she wears Christmas morning.
Ruffle bottom :)


Santa Claus P.J.s!!! Got this new for super cheap off of ebay… I don't often buy BD clothes, so these were a splurge.  I think I actually forgot about Christmas pajamas number one when I bought them.  On another note has anyone notice all of the blogs trending lately on how to handle Santa Claus and the kiddos. Everyone has the right way lol.  We know Santa Claus will be around our house in some form or fashion, but exactly how, we are not sure yet.  I figure we have another year to decide.


Okay, so these are not really pajamas, but they are so cute I just could not skip them.  These are also some of the few things we bought for BD, before she was even born. This past January we bought them at like 90% off for this Christmas… I can't believe she is already wearing them!


  We have been ill:(.  It has also been one of those super busy weeks where you do not have time to be ill.  While BD has had all the symptoms of the worst cold ever, she has yet to run a temperature .  I had a temp last night… but I think I am better now… please be better we are ready for our house to be a sick free zone!!!


 All of a sudden (literally in the last 2 days) BD has been pulling up on everything, walking with her walker and cruising on the furniture.  She could pull up before, but had only done it a couple of times and had no interest in doing it much.  I think it is the quickest leap we have seen to date.  Watch out world… here comes BD.
She is all about pulling herself up to her knees and just chilling :) and ignore her not completely on PJs :)

It looks something like this...

and walking! :)


  Last night, for the first time  E V E R  BD woke up screaming at night and was not consolable for about two hours.  Now I with absolutely no shame say the BD does not usually sleep all the way through the night, but she does not wake up screaming and she is easy to get back down. She had no temperature or anything, she did not even want to nurse ( that is not like her).  I have heard when kids make developmental leaps like crawling, pulling up, and walking, this can happen.  Anyone with experience with this?

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