Tuesday, December 31, 2013

65 things 365 days

The original idea was 101 in 1001.  It is like the ultimate to do list.  I saw it over on Bloom and immediately was drawn to making my own list.  But as I started to thing about 1001 days, I realized that is almost 3 years… we have      N O    I D E A   where we will be in 3 years so that seemed like too much of a commitment.   I thought 65 things in 365 days was more realistic for us. I have been pondering these things since Thanksgiving… and have had not enough, to many, and changed them about a thousand times. I finally came up with a final list!


1. Fix Nursery Canvas and Decor
2. Learn to Make Natural Cleaning Supplies
3. Clean out and organize stockpile 
4. Some how display the places we have lived
5. Some how display the places we have visited
6. Have an organized move this summer (because we will probably move this summer)
7. Set up new home (because we will probably move someplace new this summer)


8. Learn how to put hovering pintrest buttons on my pictures
9. Learn how to do my own graphics and design
10. Start Facebook page
11. Reach 100 followers
12. Update everything on the blog… about me, pic, etc. (mainly to include BD)

Business/Money Making

13. Go through all our clothes… sell what we don't use 
14. Have a garage sale
15. Go through books and DVDs… sell what we don't use
16. Get my Ebay shop really going
17. Research/Become cloth diaper consultant
18. Research/Become car seat technician 


19. Read Allegiant
20-24. Read 5 other books just for fun
25. Have silent time… to just be
26. Run 2nd half marathon- beat first time
27. Memorize at least a verse of scripture a week
28. Read through the whole Bible
29. Read through Acts in depth
30. Publish an ebook (probably a lofty goal… but I am going to shoot for the moon!)
31. Learn to bake cakes/cupcakes
32. Become a better cook

33. Organize and back up all pictures
34-38. Photo album year 1-5 of marriage
39. Work on some family traditions
40. Have a picnic
41. Create online address book
42. Go through Bible for Kids together each night


43. Make family picture book
44. Make a map of the missionaries we know/are praying for
45. Plan and put on an awesome 1st birthday for BD- on a budget!
46. Write weekly in BD prayer journal
47.  Research "homeschool" toddler activities and plans


48. Go on at least 1 "real" date a month
49. Breakfast/Coffee/Cheap/Free Dates 1 time a week
50. Have one getaway weekend
51. Complete Shepherding a Child's Heart
52. Complete Grace Based Parenting
53. Complete Give them Grace

Adventures/For Fun

54. Go on a girls trip
55. Christmas Cookie Party
56. Go to NOLA
57. Visit Grandparents in Annapolis
58. Visit Grandparents in Florida (possible Disney trip while there?)
59. Visit PeePaw in Alabama 
60. Go to a UGA game


61. Sponsor a child
62. Surprise someone with something wonderful
63. Donate as much as we spend at Christmas time (or more) to missions
64. Find a way to continually serve our local community
65. Help fund an adoption

Start Date: 1/1/14
End Date: 12/31/14

What is on your list for the new year?


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  1. I love this idea!! I actually ended up doing a spin on it on my blog... 41 in '14! Thanks for the inspiration :)