Thursday, January 30, 2014

If you came to our apartment...

If you came to our apartment chances are you would see…
 a lot of toys on the floor.  
a pile of laundry on the couch or some *clean* cloth diapers folded not he coffee table.  
a "hidden" mess behind the couch. 
a pile to be put away in front of the bedroom door (we don't go in if BD is sleeping… too risky).
dishes in the sink (we have no dishwasher to hide them in).
a whole bunch of clothes hang drying.
a cluttered bathroom counter.
a bed that is not made.
I used to hide all of this.  Wanted people buy the lie that the house is always perfect. but I have realized our house is not a mess… it is just lived in.
That it is more important to spend time investing in your husband. And also investing in people, doing life with people and bring people into our home, than spending time making sure it is perfect every time someone comes over.  

Anybody else with a lived in house out there :)???


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