Friday, March 21, 2014



This girl walked this week AND her first birthday is on Sunday.  I have the strangest combination of feelings… so excited and sad that she is really no longer a baby.  I really can barely handle it. 

P.S.- This was my dues date a year ago… can't believe we were eagerly awaiting BD's arrival this time last year!


So I actually cooked this week!  You can check out my Quinoa Stuffed Roasted Red Peppers here!


We have been getting rid of all sorts of stuff lately… which has inspire my {getting rid of stuff} series!  So far I have share about giving things away and selling them on eBay.  Be on the look about for a post soon about selling on Facebook and having a garage sale!


It is funny to see how much I haw grown to love to write since I started to blog.  I always thought that after a while I would run out of ideas.  But the opposite has happened.  See how I have 26 drafts…
if I think of something I want to write about I start a draft with what I want to write about in the title line.  It is kind of like my source book or seed ideas for my writing.  It reminds me of teaching writers workshop and how they said the more you write… the more you want to write and the better writer you will become!  I agree with that more and more each day!


Been thinking about my own waste this week via the 7 study from Jen Hatmaker.  I feel a little earthy saying this but, I am reminded that we are stewards of the earth called to use it wisely (I know I am going all hippie/green on y'all here)! 
I think this is the first week that I truly feel overwhelmed by the amount I feel called to change.  The other day I made a list of the things that I want to do over time… 
*Buy mostly local/thrift
*Drive one car/reduce driving
*Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
*Reduce paper use
*Conserve water
*Conserve energy
whew… that is quite a list! But trust me, these things won't change overnight… they will take time!

What are 5 things on your mind today???


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