Friday, April 4, 2014



After a week off I am back… why the week off you may ask…. BD's 1st birthday party!!!  We celebrated with friends and family this past Saturday.  It was amazing to reflect on the gift God has entrusted us with and all that has changed in her in this past year.  


I almost never complain here… so if you don't want to hear my short rant, skip number two completely.  
  Andrew and I are going on 4 year anniversary… of not having a dishwasher.  At first I was okay with it, even thought "this isn't so bad."  Oh but it is.  I cannot on wait for the day when I do not have to wash and dry EVERY*SINGLE*DISH by hand.  And then this.  The complex game of Jenga aka choosing the correct dish to put away first in order to avoid a cascade of falling dishes.  I know it is not truly necessary… but it feel like it is.  MAybe we will have one in our next place, a girl can dream.


We have been getting rid of stuff left and right.  This week I wrote about getting rid of stuff on FB garage sale pages.  You can also check out eBay and giving stuff away.


BD is walking EVERYWHERE now.  I know I was hoping for this, but I did not expect the crawling to just disappear completely. 


I love teaching preschool… I learn so much and it is fun. We went to a dairy farm this week, enough said :)

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