Friday, June 20, 2014



A few months back I got a message that went something like this…
"Stasia, You have a blog that's title is 'Our Life on a Budget'… have you ever blogged about planning a wedding on a budget."
Response, "No, but that is a great idea, thank you!"

So here they are… Planning a Wedding on a Budget {part1} and {part2}


Packing boxes has finally hit us full force.  You may be asking… "Stasia, where are y'all moving."  And my response would be, "Good question!  The Lord has yet to reveal that information to us… all I know is that we are moving in about a month!"
Strange thing about me and moving, I kind of enjoy it (at least at the beginning).  Deep cleaning, getting rid of stuff, getting organized and actually getting your house clean.  This will be our 5th move int he last 5 1/2 years so I don't mean to tot my own horn, but I am getting pretty good at it :)… if I can pull myself together I may even write my first ebook about having an organized move!


Tot school is rolling along… it is very interesting the activities BD is into and the ones she is not.  To be honest she would most likely be content to be read to all day.  So far I am realizing the activities she is more into are the fine motor and logic/puzzle oriented ones and the ones she could care less about are the artsy ones.  We will see if the trend continues. 


On the note of tot school, we will probably take a two week break because we are about to attempt some serious travel.  Like Georgia to Ohio to Maryland and back to Georgia again.  It is about 24 hours of driving according to google maps… and that is without child in tow.  Lord help us, are we crazy?
I have been looking up tips on traveling with a baby/toddler… but the problem is just that.  BD is in that in between stage.  Not really baby any more, not fully toddler.  I am having trouble finding any tips that fit our exact situation.  Maybe I will have a post to share after… or maybe I will just have the advise to never ever do this…


And last but not least… shameless plug for the weekly link up that I am a cohost of…
Every Wednesday come link up "Whatever You Wish" (just as the name implies).
Seriously, there is still time to check it out this week and link up here!


  1. My daughter loves the fine motor activities as well! She could those for what seems like hours, but give her crayons or something and she's over it in minutes. It's amazing to see the wheels turning and what they like vs. what they don't!

    1. I wonder if at some point they will make a switch… like when they get a little older they will become more interested in the crafty stuff… guess only time will tell! :)

  2. We're flying from Seattle to DC, then driving in a huge loop around VA, NC, TN, & KY. Me, hubby, & 7 of our kids. Thank goodness we're leaving the dog home ...

    1. Wow! MAkes our trip seem like nothing :) Hope y'all have so much fun, are safe and it is not too crazy :)

  3. I also write often about frugal living. I am currently doing a series on modest maternity clothing on a budget. I would love to hear your thoughts!