Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tot School {1}

You can read about my thoughts on homeschooling our plans for starting tot school here.
So how did the first week go?  Well, it was busy and I did not quite keep on schedule, but I knew this would be pretty fluid to begin with…

Activity One-  Balls in a Muffin Tin

Object- just play with the balls putting them in and taking them out.  We talked about colors too.
I thought for sure this one would be a hit as Ms. BD is obsessed with balls right now.  The night before we did this she was putting balls into her shoes.  I think she was occupied for an hour.  The next day I brought out the muffin tins… interested for 5 minutes.  That being said we did keep them out and she is still playing with them.

Activity Two- Edible Scented Finger Paint

Didn't get to this one… plan on making some yogurt and trying it this weekend! :)

Activity Three- Pompom Play

Object- just play with the pom-pons on a mirror and put them in and out of the muffin tin.  She LOVED this.  I think it kept her occupied for at least 30 minutes.  We got a bag of pom-poms with all different sizes... she really like the really small one and the really big ones. We tried to do some color sorting, but she is not really there yet.  The great thing about this activity is that we can do it again and again and do different variations!

What about plans for this week???

here they are…

*Ziplock Back Painting

*PomPom Chute

and if I am feeling messy…
Oats and Water Sensory Bin 
***Above all pictures is the link to the original source! :)

What activities have you been doing or have done in Tot School?  
Any recommendations for me?



  1. oh my what GREAT ideas! I will sure have to try these for my little one, thank you!

    hope you can stop by my little blog

    1. Thanks Melissa! And I can't wait to stop by your blog :)

  2. Our week was similar to yours.. we got to some activities, and didn't get to others. And inevitably she would want to play with the lid and the marker instead of actually coloring. It was neat to see how starting one activity could lead into other types of learning activities. I can't wait to see if you do the Ziploc bag painting. I think our little one would enjoy that!

    1. I am loving keeping up with your tot school… it gives me ideas and encouragement. I have been pondering the dot pen and thing I might just add it this week after seeing your post!

  3. Look at you with all of your awesome ideas!!! So good.