Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tot School {2} and WYWW

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Another week of fun and games with the 15 month little.  We really spend the majority of our time reading, doing puzzles, and doing pretend play.  She also really likes taking time to play independently. 

This week the main "activity" we did was container play.
First, I found an old spice container that she could open and close.  I gave her some cut up some straws and pom-poms. 
She put the straws and pom-poms in, then turned them over to try to get them out.  Sometime she could get them out and sometime I had to help her.  I think it would be better to have a spice container with big holes instead of small ones.  Then she could have tried to get the straws through those holes.

We also put out an empty wipe container.  She loved opening and closing it with the button on top.  Then she would put the pom-pons and straws in.

We also got a bunch of toilet paper tubes.  We taped some to the window and just put some out to play with… 
sometimes, she put the pom-poms in the ones all the wall, but she really liked putting them in the new on the floor!  She liked to put the extra-large pom-poms in first so they would block the tube, and then fill them up! :)

Lastly, I attempted the paint in bag on the wall… she had no interest what so ever.  I guess once she tried to pull the tape off and get it off the window :)
That about sums up our week.  We are traveling this next week, so we will be laying off the planned activities.  
What are the plans with your little this week???
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  1. Those are such wonderful ideas!!!! Thanks so much for sharing them.

    1. Thanks… we try to get furtive with activities using things we already have around the house! :)

  2. I'm pretty sure I audibly "Awww!!!"'d at that chubby belly dropping things down tubes. Oh my word.

  3. Love the Tot School! Sooo cute! xo

  4. Fabulous...pinterest worthy ideas. :)