Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moving Tips...

Maybe you are lucky… and when you move you can hire someone to come box and move all your stuff.  Or maybe your new job is sending movers.  Well, we just have not been that lucky!  The truth of the matter is, if you have just graduated or you are going to school… you probably don't have the money for movers!  We have had the privilege of moving ourselves
1) To Augusta when we first got married
2) Into Andrew's Parents house until we could move to New Orleans for Seminary
3)To New Orleans for Seminary
4)To a second apartment in New Orleans 
5) To Statesboro for an internship
6) Back into Andrew's Parents house (we will move again soon after we let everyone know what we are doing this next year :))
That's 6+ times… I would say we have a lot of experience!

All that being said… moving yourself???  Don't fret… 5 Moving Tips that will de-stress your move.


Why Pack things that are already packed?  Keep Things in Drawers

Don't you dare pack up your clothes.  Why would you pull them out of your dresser just to put them back again? Simply carry the drawers out separately, then when the dresser is in the moving truck, but the drawers back in the dresser! Do the same when you are unloading.  Easy peasy, everything stays organized!


Moving Plastic Wrap, Moving Plastic Wrap, Moving Plastic Wrap

Those that have talked to me about this move know I swear by this stuff… it is  a w e s o m e!  Really a game changer that we did not discover until our 4th move!  Use it to wrap baskets or crates that way you don't have to box it all.  Use it to wrap towels or blankets around pictures and breakables, without leaving a sticky residue… if you wrap the plastic all the way around, you blanket or towel won't get damaged or dirty! We even used it to wrap our spice rack and BD's puzzles!


Sticker Labels

Instead of labeling absolutely every box… have stickers printed in ready- bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.  I also recommend having stickers that say fragile as well!  The less you have to write the quicker, the quicker the better :)!


Have a moving box

While you are packing put all your supplies in one box, and always put them back in that box.  This eliminate the lost tape or sharpie and saves a lot of time!  Something I recommend to keep in this box… packing tape, masking tape, sticker label, sharpies, pens, moving plastic wrap, trash bags and zip lock bags.


Get Help

Seriously. Every time we have moved we have had SO   MUCH   HELP!  From friends donating boxes, to watching BD, to boxing, to loading, to unloading.  It is a long process and help is almost a necessity!
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Happy Packing… What are your tips???

*This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting :)



  1. Although we are not moving soon, I think these tips are very helpful! Thanks so much! <3

    1. Thank you… figured I should share… moving can be soooooo crazy!

  2. We are getting ready to move next month - perfect timing!!

  3. Hi! Thank you very much for this advice! We are renting at the moment but going to be moving into our own place for the first time in about 5 weeks...all this with a 6 week old baby! :)
    I will revisit this closer to the time!!
    All the best,

    1. We moved with a little baby (circa 8 weeks) and an older baby (circa 16 months). Niether were horrible, but I do think it was easier with the itty bitty one!

  4. Oh Stasia, You sound like our first years of marriage. We moved five times in the first 3 years. Whew! I just got off the phone with my dad, and his dear friend is very stressed as she prepares for a move. I love your tips and cheerful encouragement. It's an easy time to lose an otherwise pleasant disposition. :-) Blessings to you. Thanks for linking at CMB.

    1. Thank you for hosting. And you are right, it can be easy to let yourself get stressed. But I guess since I have done this a few time, I have just learned not to!

  5. I wish I would have read this a week ago! We just moved and broke so many glass objects! I will use the blanket trick next time :) Started following you on Facebook and Twitter and look forward to reading more posts

    1. I am sorry things broke… I do think that it is *almost* inevitable that something will break no matter how careful you are!
      Thanks so much for following along.

  6. I loved these ideas! I had never heard of the plastic moving wrap, so I am definitely going to tuck that idea away for future use! It is so wonderful to hear suggestions from those who have gone through the trials and are willing to share the wisdom they've gleaned! BTW, your baby is a little doll !!!! So precious! God bless you! Thank you for hosting the weekly link-up.

    1. Thanks. We love the little one :) And hope these suggestions will help you or someone else in the future!

  7. Get help, yes! Our moves would have been so much worse without the help of others!