Sunday, January 4, 2015

14 Weeks...

Breaking my "only flowing shirts" rule to give a real bump shot... This is definitely bigger than I was at 14 weeks with BD!

How Far Along? 14 weeks… 2nd trimester hopefully you will be very nice :)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think at the doctors appointment it was 7 pounds.  With the last two pregnancies I gained almost 5 pounds immediately, so this is just par for the course.

Baby Related Purchases: Nothing really… I guess technically we got a few new cloth diapers on Black Friday because they were such a good deal.  Don't worry we kept them gender neutral :)

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants.. because I can and they are comfortable.

Sleep: I am having trouble sleeping on my sides… I keep finding myself on my back.  Maybe I just need a few more pillows :)

Movement: I am pretty sure I have felt movement a few times, but it is hard to tell this early!

What I miss: Still running and enjoying food.

Cravings: hmmm… bread and olive oil… you may have seems one on my Instagram :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still feeling pretty nauseous, but not actually getting sick. Mexican food is not appealing to me at all… but I have been craving oriental… weird right?

Gender: Still don't know.  I don't think we will find out until February sometime :(

Labor Signs: Hopefully a long time away…

Symptoms: Nauseous, tired, headaches… that about sums it up.  7:30 bedtime is my BFF

Best moments this week: Date day with Andrew… Got some time to spend just the two of us. We had a doctor appointment before Christmas and got to hear the heartbeat. Seeing family and celebrating the holidays!

Looking forward to: Feeling better… I think I will turn a corner soon :)

Size of Baby: Size of a lemon!

For the little:
We celebrated Christmas and New Years this past week… excited because next year, God willing you will be here to celebrate with us!  We are praying for your heart and growth each day!



  1. Hopefully you will start feeling better soon! The nausea is my least favorite part of pregnancy! I prefer the back aches and heartburn in the 3rd trimester over the nausea in the first trimester! I wish you lived near me! I'm a sonographer (my day job!) and we can tell the gender between 15 & 17 weeks, especially with the new equipment our hospital has! I'm looking forward to seeing if your baby is a boy or girl!

    1. Oh my goodness Brandi, I agree with you! And I wish you were closer… I would love to meet and find out :)
      PS… I am so glad you are back to blogging :) I understand the blogging break though!

  2. Congrats!!!!! I am now 21 weeks along and looking forward to wonderful memories. I know you are too!