Friday, January 16, 2015


Oh Friday before a long weekend, how we have waited for you!  Anyone else as excited as us???
Here are some of the reasons…


Those that have been following along might remember we have been on a home search for quite some time… and we have exciting news…. we are officially under contract for a house!  A little overwhelming and exciting and whew… these next few weeks will probably be a whirlwind.  It is a three week closing which I hear is pretty quick, so we are just praying the home inspection and appraisal go well!


In relation to number one, all this home searching has got me reminiscent about all the homes we have lived in… this will be the sixth in six years!  I started a little series this week about each of our homes and what we learned from being there.  The first installment is here…
Dwelling One: The Cookie Cutter Town Home 


In light of the home search and such this week has been bananas…  yesterday we literally did not stop all day!  Gym, work, running around trying to get the earnest money to where it needed to go, doctors appointment (we got to hear our little's heartbeat and next appointment we should get to do the anatomy scan and find out the gender!), cloth diaper meeting and then finally home.  BD spent most of the day with me running these crazy errands in summer dress and wind pants because she had a little accident at school and that summer dress is all I had in the diaper bag (mom fail).  But we made it and will hopefully have a more relaxing day and weekend!


Just star tine a new Life Group at church… we are reading Women of the Word and then after that hopefully going through a few books of the Bible to apply what we have learned.  Anyone out there read this before?


I am currently wearing pajamas at Panera before work. It is pajama day at school. I am not sure if this a positive or negative about working at preschool… I have gotten some pretty strange looks!

How was your week?  Any exciting plans this weekend? 



  1. I don't know what people would be staring at you in your pjs. After all people go everywhere everyday in what looks like their pjs anyway.

    Charlotte Moore