Monday, September 7, 2015

School Choices..

Another first day of school.

And by school I mean mother's day out, at least for now.  



But it gets me thinking… what does the future hold for the littles.  
Each day I drive by the local elementary school and I think, "Will our kids go there?"
And I just don't know.
Both my husband and I spent all of our years in public school-K-12.  Overall, I had a great experience in public school, I feel like it prepared me for the world in so many ways. And to be honest, I always thought that is the route we would go.  
But now I have seen other options up close and all of sudden what once was a sure thing, is questioned.  I see the the pluses and minuses in public school.
I see homeschool moms that I love and respect.
I see friends I respect with kids in private school.
And I just don't know.
And with an almost 2 1/2 year old and an almost 2 month old, we just rest in the fact that there is time.  
I mean ultimately no matter what schooling you choose, you are "Homeschooling" from day one right?
When the hubs and I talk about it, we don't come to any conclusions today for the future… besides this:
It will be a year by year, child by child decision.

What about you?  How do you/would you make this decision?



  1. Great question! I am sure everyone's choice for schooling will have a different answer. I chose private school for my two sons and did not regret this decision. However, I was a teacher in the public schools for 30 years so you would have thought that would have been my choice. My choice was based on my religious beliefs and both of my sons, now as adults, have thanked me for that education. Glad to be your neighbor at Messy Marriage.

  2. We had discussed home school since before we ever had children--I was a public school (high school) teacher for five years before our first was born. Our first, very strong willed child, had us thinking about public school, but after seeing what kindergarten would look like for her, we decided home it would be! It is challenging and lovely. Six years, three kids in 'school' and a baby added into the mix since we began, makes for some times that I have a bit more to juggle than I expected, but there are such sweet times, since they are all here together. Best wishes in making your decision!

  3. You definitely still have time to weigh all your decisions, and who knows what will change int hat time?! My oldest will need to register for Kindergarten in about 6 months (oh how time flies!) and the setting we were strongly leaning toward, no longer exists as of this fall....definitely keep you mind open!

  4. We have been wrestling with the same questions, lately. I always assumed my kids would go to public school, but then I was introduced to what homeschooling really meant. Now we are not so sure, but like you, we have decided it will be a child by child decision. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. <3

  5. I think the main thing to remember when you're choosing a school option for your child is to be flexible. What my daughter needs right now in Kindergarten (private school, small classes, lots of structure) might not be what she needs in two or three years. And that might not be what suits my sons when they start school. If my child is very unhappy or not learning in the environment we've chosen for them, than we'll need to reassess and find a better option.
    Thanks for sharing and good luck with your decision!