Saturday, October 17, 2015

JL 3 Months...

Jameson Luke 3 Months...

Monthly Milestones... 

*You are pretty proficient at rolling from belly to back. And you are dangerously close to roll from back to belly!

*You are all about talking and giggling and such.

*You put your hands together… aka crossing the midline :)

*You have discovered your fingers and love sucking on them!

*Sitting in your highchair from time to time.

Favorite Things... 

*You love your sister… pretty well;)

*You still love to be held

*You love baths and when I wipe your neck with a wet washcloth… you always laugh!

*You like to be worn

*You actually like a pacifier… we are getting you to take it while you sleep from time to time!

*Oddly enough you like when we change your cloths… it always makes you laugh.

*You like "talking" with people.

*You like (mostly anyways) tickle monster.

*You love some tummy time… and you love laying on your back.

*You are huge fan of your bouncy chair, but we sold the swing because you hated it.

*Your playmat.

Least Favorite Things...

*Carseat- it has gotten better, but still not your favorite!

*Being left alone.


Bathroom scale says over 18 lbs!  We will have an official weight next month.


No official length… but I am sure you are still really long.

Clothing Size... 

With the exception of one smocked piece that is actually 3 month size.  Everything we wear is 6 month-12month!

Sleep Patterns... 

You still like to be swaddled and rocked.  Sometimes you want to be nursed or have your paci to get to sleep.  You sleep mostly in bed with us because it is just easier that way.  You are taking a few naps in your crib though!
You are still giving us good sleep at night with one long stretch, usually first.  You take 2-3 short naps in the morning and early afternoon.  Then one longer nap mid afternoon.

Eating Patterns… 

You are nursing… and I honestly don't even keep track.  Probably every2-3 hours, but don't hold me to that.

Outings and Celebrations… 

*First time in the church nursery.

*We went to the zoo…third month in a row… we really like the zoo.

*Trip to the mountains


*Grumpy man (which is ironic because he actually pretty happy)
*Big man, little man and the such.

Things others have said about you... 

* "He is so big!" (I say this… all the time!)
*"He holds up his head so much."
*"He is so aware of things."
*"His facial expressions!"

Things we have noticed about you…

*You are Mr. Smiley most of time and go with the flow… but you definitely let us know when something is not your thing.

*You are definitely connected to mama and daddy… we better not enter a room and not give you som attention :)

*You have some awesome facial expressions!

*You are strong and determined!

For Jameson Luke...

Wow… Three months… and boy have we enjoyed them.  Generally life has been crazy, but that is par for the course in our family.  You bear with us and come along for the ride.  You meet new friends exchanging smalls and giggles along the way.

You still look so much like daddy, everyone says it, seriously I here it about once a day.

You are already trying to be mobile… rolling and trying to change directions laying on your belly.  When we put you in the bounce or boppy you kick you legs and inch your way out.

Your personality and smile just melt us.  We are so excited to see you continue to grow and blessed to be your parents!!! :)


  1. Cutest baby!!! Are you keeping this so that the baby can see it when he gets older. This is such a great idea. Too bad we didn't have blogs when my kids were young. That is such a special thing to do.

    1. Yes! It is one of the things I am determined to keep up with even. Second children and so on often don't have any documentation of their lives! I may even get the monthly updates bound into a book… one day!

  2. Such a cute family, what wonderful memories you are documenting for your children. Keep it up ;)