Thursday, November 5, 2015

Helpful Tips for Engaging Conversation with Your Spouse

I start this post … we are not marriage experts!  So this is something we are just sorting through as well!!! :)

I was at small group with some women talking about how we make time and money for date nights with our husbands. And in the midst of the conversation one person candidly said, "Do you ever get on a date night or sit down to talk at night and have nothing to talk about?" And there was a resounding yes. 

I had heard this before.
To be honest Andrew and I have experienced this before.
But during this specific conversation Andrew and I were doing pretty well in the arena of conversation.  I asked myself why... it dawned on me- three things that had made a difference for us!


Serve Together

I stand by this as the best method because it not only gives you common ground- but serves others! Win win. Teach in the children's ministry, lead a high school small group, volunteer at a soup kitchen. When you are serving together you not only get to talk about the experience, but also talk about your vision for making a greater impact. Serving together leads to prayer together and is a great example to the kiddos. Our relationships aren't just about making googly eyes at each other- they are about discipleship and serving and making a difference.


Play Together

Pick a hobby that you both enjoy (not the one you have been wishing your partner would enjoy;)). Extra points if it involves some sort of activity like walking or playing tennis- staying healthy and investing in your relationship at the same time! 


Read/Study Together

Pick book or go through a Bible Study together. It can even be simply reading the same book of the Bible. Then just talk about it!!!

And the following pictures just for kicks... 

Circa 9 years ago when it was okay to wear a scarf with your formal wear?

What about you? Have any other suggestions?



  1. This is a fabulous post! I read it last week when I found it in a link party...I think that's where I first saw it! Anyway, I'm featuring this post in my weekly series - Roll Out the Red Carpet Thursday - where I feature some encouraging and helpful posts I've found during the week!

    1. Thank you so much Danielle!!! By the way I do love your blog and find it so encouraging :)

  2. These are great and practical suggestions, Stasia. I feel like you're kind of touching on some of the issues I'm addressing in my Men and Openness series. Sometimes it's just hard to open up because we are not as connected in other areas of our lives as we should be. Great thoughts, my friend!

    1. Thanks Beth. I actually thought about you and your blog while I was writing it!

      It really does help to be open when there is a connection and overlap in our lives!