Sunday, August 21, 2011

Couponing Lingo ...

When I first started couponing, I felt like the people, blogs, and websites around me were speaking a different language.  It took some time to learn this language... so here is a crash course!

o ***Store coupon- Coupons put out by the store. Can be used with a manufacturer coupon, but not a store coupon.

o ***Manufacturer’s coupon- Coupons put out by the manufacturer. Can be used with a store coupon, but not a manufacturer coupon.

o BOGO- buy one get one free (can use two coupons on these because there are two items J)

o Peelies- coupons that peel off items you have bought

o Blinkies- those you can take out of store displays

o Doubling- when stores give you double a coupons value up to a certain amount

o ***Stacking- Using a coupons with store deals. Also using a manufacturers’ coupon with a store coupon.

o Limits- When there is a deal sometimes there is a limit of how many of that deal you can get

o Purchase amount coupons- coupons distributed by a store that give you a certain dollar amount when you spend a certain amount

o Rain check- a slip that lets you by a product a store is out of after the sale dates are over

o ***Personal Buy Prices- Prices where you know the deal is good/great.

o ***Catalina- machine at most registers that prints out coupons, purchase amount coupons, and the Register Rewards at Walgreens and Extra Care Bucks at CVS.

***Key Lingo for success 

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