Sunday, October 2, 2011

Organizing spaces… Series!

Whether you live in 500 square feet (like usJ), or not, space is almost always at a premium.  You always need more space.  Exactly a year and three months ago we moved here, and we got our place really organized!  But over time life happens… and things slowly start to disorganize.

One of my problems when I clean is that I have trouble cleaning just one thing or one area, or just straightening something up… I try to do a deep cleaning every time of everywhere. Even in a place as small as ours that does not work!  For example I start to put laundry away and all of a sudden I am cleaning out our entire closet, then reorganizing all the drawers, where the towels are stored...  It is good to have a perfectly reorganized closet, but when there are other priorities being overlooked while I am cleaning my closet… that is where the problem comes in.

In light of this I have decided to do an organizing spaces series.  Each week I will clean and reorganize ONE area a week and write about how I do it.  Here are the spaces that you can expect to see:

·      Fridge/freezer
·     “Pantry”
·      bathroom storage
·      Bookshelves
·      “home office”
·      Under TV storage
·      Under coffee table storage
·      Kitchen cabinets
·      storing clothing
·      under bed
·      my car
·      Andrew’s car
·      My car
I was surprised how many places I came up with… if I do this once a week this will take us into the New Year! 

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