Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stockpiles were made for times like these…

Have you ever seen that show Extreme Couponers.  They have stockpiles that are insured for tens of thousands of dollars, that stretch into all rooms of their house, and look like a small convenient store.  Is it really good to have a stockpile like that?

My answer is no.  First of all someone could really use all of that stuff… donate some of it.  Second of all stockpiles were made for times of need.

Until recently I only thought that our time of need would be a financial one… or because we were moving.  But I found another time of need to reach into that stock pile: TIME. 

We all have busy times in our lives.  For students and teachers like Andrew and I the beginning of the school year is that time.  I can barely get enough sleep, exercise or go grocery shopping.  Since school started we started school in August, we have been leaning on that stockpile for toiletries and meals.  We are depleting our stock pile since I don’t have time to shop.  At first it bothered me… but then I realized THAT IS WHAT IT IS THERE FOR!  Why else have a stockpile except to eventually use the stuff in it?

And what if we use something up… that is okay too.  I have realized that with toothpaste.  We just used our last bottle of toothpaste in our stockpile.  I had to buy a bottle of toothpaste, and I have not actually bought a tube of toothpaste in two years.  Did it bother me… a little.  Does buying one tube of toothpaste kill our budget or negate the savings we have made over the past two years… no!

Whether it be a time that we feel financially or time burdened… go ahead and use the stockpile, that is why it is there.

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