Saturday, September 17, 2011

Balancing time...

I may not work during the summer... but I work ALOT during the school year.. enough to make up for the breaks that teachers have.

My thoughts this summer were:
"If I get blogging this summer... I will be able to continue in the school year."
How far from right I was (as usual).  Barely able to keep up with budgeting ways, especially in a time sense.

 Today I have really been reflecting on that.  What does it mean to be a good budgeter of time?
To have every moment planned?  Or be flexible?
To work hard? Or to have plenty of time for leisure?
To give everything you have? Or to leave a little in the tank just in case?
To sleep? To exercise? To get on facebook? To get into The Word? To cook?  To go out?

So where does that leave me now.  I am not exactly sure because I am still reflecting on it as I write.  I guess that for me it is the value in reflecting on how we use our time.

Is what I use my time for valuable and important?  Does it cause growth in my relationship with Christ?  Does it make Christ known around me?  If it is not I must work to adjust that...

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