Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer bucket list...

I have discovered in my "real world" experience so far that there are seasons of work and seasons of rest, and that God does not call us to work all of the time.  So for a job like a teacher, where you are totally consumed during the school year, it is important that you consider your summer a season of rest and treat it accordingly.

School teachers need a summer bucket list that consists of all the things that they would like to do during the school year, but don't have time to do.

Here is my bucket list...

Things I would like to do...

  • blog twice a week
  • deep clean house
  • learn to sew
  • take more pictures again
  • research next car purchases (we are not ready to buy, just so we are ready when my car stops working)
  • money day with Andrew (where we just talk through our finances and review our goals)
  • go to the pool often
  • go to the beach
  • see my grandparents in Annapolis
  • see my grandparents in Ohio
  • have a cookout
  • watch Downton Abbey on Netflix
Things I would like to read...

What is your summer bucket list???

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