Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back to organizing spaces series...

Back in October, I made this post about my plans to organize the spaces in our apartment. Then I guess I got distracted, because I only organized our pantry.

I am going to get back on this! These are the areas I will clean... one area a week!

  • Fridge/freezer 
  • “Pantry” 
  • Bathroom storage 
  • Bookshelves 
  • “Home Office” 
  • Under TV storage 
  • Under coffee table storage 
  • Kitchen cabinets 
  • Under bed 
  • My car 
  • Andrew’s car 

This week I went ahead and organized the fridge, freezer and cleaned the microwave.

1. The Fridge:   Since we just got back from vacation, it made sense to go ahead and clean out the fridge since it was almost empty.  I cleared the shelves and wiped them down. Then I labeled the shelves so everything would have its place.
In the fridge I make sure everything has its spot.
I also label the shelves, so everything gets back in its place.

2. The Freezer:  Keeping the freezer organized is harder for me, because what comes in and out always changes.  I just took everything out, tossed old stuff, wiped the shelves, and put everything back in the most organized manner I could.  

3. The Microwave: I put a bowl of water with some vinegar in it.  The I microwave it for 5 minutes.  All the stuff that was hard to get out... easy to wipe out!
My embarrassing dirty microwave... 

Clean microwave!

                                  • What have you organized this week???    

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