Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Living small...

Living small... that is in a small area!  As I have mentioned many times before we live in just 500 square feet.

Our bedroom.
Our "Kitchen."
Our "Great Room." :)

Before we moved to New Orleans, I did not think it was possible. When we came here, I discovered that I actually really liked living in a smaller area... until recently.  In light of recent events, we thought we would be getting a larger apartment soon, so my mind became wrapped around having more space.  In light of this I have decided to make a list of the reasons why it is good to live in a small place to improve my attitude on the 500 square feet we live in.

1. Less rooms to clean.
2. Only one bathroom to clean!
3.  Coin laundry is quicker (albeit more expensive).
4.  Less reliance on material things.
5. Forced to be very organized
6. It is super cheap.
7. If I plug the vacuum into the right spot, I can clean the whole apartment without switching outlets.
8. We are force to not hold onto junk that we don't really need to begin with.
9. We live in amazing community where it is safe and we have a lot of friends!
10. The most important reason I love living in a small place, it has taught me, and now reminds me that we don't need much.

So as long as we live in our ity bity apartment... and even when we move, I have truly been taught less is more.

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