Thursday, July 19, 2012

New blog design!!!

This summer I have been researching getting a new design for my blog.  Well, really my first thought was I was going to do it myself... but after a little research I realized I nowhere near had the knowledge to pull it off.  Learning how to do that might be an adventure I tackle in the future... but not today :).

So I searched the internet and some other blogs that I read... and I discovered kinch designs .  I liked her designs so I emailed her on MONDAY.... and it is THURSDAY and my design is already done!  I could not believe how quick she worked to meet my needs.  There might be a few links/kinks/pages I am working out here and there... so be patient with me.  

All that being said I hope you enjoy the new design... I know I am! :)



  1. Love your blog! Aubrey did my design as well!

    Cannot wait to read more. New follower!


  2. SO glad your love it Stasia!
    It was such a pleasure working with you.


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design!!! It's fantastic!

  4. Thank yall! I am soooo excited! :)